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Christina Jordan

Christina Jordan was featured in People Magazine "Half Their Size" Issue 2017, The Doctors, Very Good Morning America, '' E! News, Inside Edition, The Insider, Extra, People Entertainment Weekly and First For Women Magazine.

Once toppling the scales at 271 pounds and struggling with multiple severe weight-induced conditions, including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic exhaustion and hormone issues, Christina Jordan, surpassed her struggle with fat and is now using her 131 pounds fat reduction to help inspire others do exactly the same!

Though you'd never guess it now, nine years past Christina Jordan had been 100+ pounds, sick, exhausted and facing a diagnosis of life threatening diseases. Her weight dropped at 19 years old and from the time she was 22 she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, higher blood pressure and several other conditions that doctors warned could end her own life. She'd hit rock bottom! Christina attempted and failed to lose weight over and over again, spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it! In 2006, she tipped the scale in 271 pounds, heavier than, Mike Tyson, the formerly Heavy Weight Boxing Champion of the world! The toughest part was how she could not run and play together with her young sons because her heart couldn't deal with the strain. For many years Christina felt trapped by her weight.

After several health scares, Christina found her inspiration to finally get healthier. She was ready to take control back on her health and desperately wanted to enjoy life together with her husband a kids. With the aid of her husband, Derek, Christina started to study nutrition, fitness, weight loss and healthier living. She totally altered her diet from a meal per day of simple carbohydrates, sugars and soft beverages, to five to six healthy proportioned meals a day that included lean proteins, organic fruits and vegetables, heal

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Robin Ford

Robin Ford is a fat loss and nutrition expert that has been conducting a nutrition counselling and weight loss business for more than ten years. She has a Bachelor of Science from National University of Singapore with a specialty in weight loss, nutrition, and health. She finished coursework for her PhD in Clinical Psychology, an instruction which rounds out all aspects -- nutrition, fitness, and psychology to optimal wellness and also holds two certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Robin is a tireless researcher that has obsessively committed her life to the pursuit of being to the cutting edge of their science in your health, weight reduction, and nutrition. Robin's work is geared toward a single purpose: To find effortless and permanent fat reduction by working with your physics, instead of the temporary and debilitating weight-loss one gets via applications which work from the biology.

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Jackie Warner

Jackie Warner, fitness expert, gym operator, tv actor and entrepreneur, instills passion into every part of her life. Fitness has always been part of her life – as an accomplished youth equestrian to collegiate athlete, Jackie assembled a solid base of expertise and knowledge of both exercise and nutrition.

From a little town, Midwestern woman, to a self made millionaire by age 22, Jackie used her need for excellence and passion for imagination to become pushed and diligent within the world of business. She discovered her first calling at the fitness business when working as a writer for Warner Brothers. "I understood I had a much stronger purpose once I turned into a co-colleagues life throughout diet, counseling and coaching. I was hooked and decided then and there to change career direction completely." Wasting no time, Jackie began finding the fitness industry by being among the very first to provide medical remedies within her multi-discipline wellness center in Beverly Hills called Lift. She pioneered the concept of incorporating exercise into traditional medical insurance plans.

Jackie’s next project was Sky Sport & Spa, a sports medicine and physical fitness center in Beverly Hills which she set in 2002. Expanding on the multi-discipline concept, Jackie provides members personal training, nutritional counseling, chiropractic care, exercise courses and physical therapy – all inside a glass-enclosed penthouse space featuring a breathtaking 360° viewpoint of Los Angeles.

Clients weren’t the only people inspired by Jackie. Bravo’s tv network hired Jackie are the star of her very own reality series, entitled Workout. The show established in 2006 with rave reviews, offering the audience a glimpse inside Jackie’s professional and private life. On April 15th at 11:00pm that the third season begins, which Jackie has nicknamed "Full Circle", as a resu

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