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Rachel Cosgrove

Rachel Cosgrove owns a facility with her husband in Southern California. With over 200 members, 70% of which are female, ranging from soccer moms to triathletes to gym competitors they now work at Outcomes fitness. These clients are real folks that have demanding jobs, a limited amount of time to commit to a fitness regime, yet Rachel and her team always provide results and drive their customers to reach their potential physically and mentally. This hand's on practical experience with the women at her gym is what inspires her and retains her continuing to fine tune her methods, documenting every exercise and the advancement that the clients make at Results Fitness. She thinks of it as their particular laboratory where she can figure out exactly what works best to attain the best fit feminine body, getting comments and seeing the progress her customers are making everyday.

A competitive fitness competition, Ironman triathlete and energy lifter, Rachel, draws from her experience as an athlete, and unites it with mathematics and modern training methods to assist her clients reach their targets. She has learned how to drive herself and consequently knows how to motivate and get the most out of her customers along with other females.

Rachel not only gets the education, professional experience and her own athletic pursuits, but she is also a lady who has fought with her own weight and her body image difficulties and has grown through it and is currently on the opposite side. Over the years she's worked tirelessly to attain her potential emotionally and physically, and it wasn't simple and still isn't, but it's well worth every effort. She has floundered for many years in search of the best methods to get and keep healthy, slender, build muscle and also possess optimum wellbeing. Each book has been read by her, talked to every expert and attended many seminars and continues to do so. She's been on a constant quest to find what works for females to be healthy

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