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Protects Your Network from Viruses and Hacking/ For Home & Business/ Computer Plug Into Your Router

CUJO shields your house devices against hacks. CUJO network security firewall protects your computers and IoT apparatus against malware, ransomware, viruses, and other hacking risks. Consider it as advanced antivirus for all of your connected devices - from laptops to smartphones. CUJO functions as an online security gateway between your connected smart devices and the net. CUJO sends packet header data (but, for your own privacy, never complete packets) to the cloud to analyze device behavior, compare your visitors to commercial online security hazard feeds, and make certain that unauthorized IP's do not link to a wired and wireless home system. CUJO system hardware firewall is blazing fast. 1GB Ethernet guarantees that your network speed is unaffected by network security. CUJO connects to a wifi router in 2 manners: Direct connection using DHCP mode (automatic setup for the majority of routers), or even bridge mode for networks with several routers or modems.  

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