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Caroline Porter Thomas

Hi I am Caroline creator of EmpoweRN
Thank you for seeing my author page!
Please let me to inform you a little bit about myself:
I'm presently a nurse and I believe it is a miracle that I am able to place RN behind my name, not as much practice as a prosperous nurse... with all my co-worker think that I have always been extremely clever ;-RRB-
You see; in the 8th grade, I had been told that I had a learning disability & I had been held back an entire calendar year.
I fought also greatly through high school, needing to go to summer school every year except one and graduated with a C typical.
I never believed I'd go back to college and I did not for five years....
When I decided I wanted to be a nurse however... I was determined to find a way.
It began rough and I needed to even take remedial classes to get up to the college degree.
However, my heart was really in to it '' I had a strange feeling deep down inside I was destined to conquer these significant obstacles & achieve this fantasy.
Needless to say, I managed to come up with a way to use to nursing school with a 3.7 gpa and also graduated nursing college with honors.
It was not till the afternoon after I passed the NCLEX examination in 75 questions (the minimum needed to pass) that I realized that I could possibly help other people with what I had heard.
Ever since then in June 2008, it became my mission to help others attain their goal of being a nurse also.
I'm so humbly grateful to declare that I have been able to help thousands of individuals exactly like you throughout my novels, videos, programs, audios and emails...
The links that I get from each of you is what I live for... so thank you for being there & I want to know how matters have assisted you.
My hope for you is that you're wildly successful in nursing school, as a nurse & in every other endeavor you seek later within this particular lifetime. <

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JoEllen Patterson

School, Family and Mental Health Professions
Ph.D University of North Carolina Greensboro
M.Ed. Wake Forest University
B.A. Baylor University

Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.

- Anthony Brandt

Recognizing the profound effect of the family on human evolution, Jo Ellen Patterson, Ph.D. became interested in families - their joys and sorrows, early in her career however, it wasn't until her twenties that she discovered a relatively new career - Marriage and Family Therapy.Simultaneously, she heard to a new medical speciality - Family Medicine. Immediately afterwards, she chose to devote her career researching family wellbeing. Utilizing an interdisciplinary perspective that combines the social and biological sciences, she concentrates on training and education that provides the most complete understanding of family functioning.

Now, many years after, Dr. Patterson has published four books on family health and family treatment and is completing her fifth publication on evidence based practice. Her bestseller, Critical Skills in Family Therapy 2nd ed. (Guilford, 2009), was embraced by several training applications across the United States.In addition, it's been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

A second and equally important interest of Dr. Patterson has been understanding the use of culture on households and development. Dr. Patterson realized that spiritual work, therapy, education, really any enterprise that entails cross cultural exchanges, necessitates an understanding and respect for civilization.

Jo-Ellen obtained a Rotary Scholarship to Cambridge University for a year to research history and culture. A few years after, she proceeded with her husband to Zaire and did field work in rural Zaire for the Agency for International Development(AID). Then, she lived in Cairo for two years where she functioned as a consulta

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Evan Thomas

Evan Thomas is one of the most respected journalists and historians writing now. He is the bestselling author of nine works of nonfiction: Becoming Nixon, Ike's Bluff, The War Lovers, Sea of Thunder, John Paul Jones, Robert Kennedy, the Best Men, The Man to See, and The Wise Men (with Walter Isaacson). Thomas has been an editor, writer, and reporter in Newsweek for 24 years, where he had been the author of over a hundred cover stories.
Thomas has won several journalism awards, including a National Magazine Award in 1998. Back in 2005, his 50,000-word story of the 2004 election was respected if Newsweek acquired a National Magazine Award for its finest matter.
Thomas is currently a fellow of the Society of American Historians and has taught writing at Princeton and Harvard. He's a graduate of Harvard and the University of Virginia Law School. He lives together with 2 children and his wife in Washington, DC.

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