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John Langan

John Langan has taught reading and writing in Atlantic Cape Community College New Jersey, near Atlantic City, for over twenty-five Decades. The author of a set of college textbooks on both writing and readinglikes the challenge of creating materials which teach skills in an especially clear and lively manner. He earned advanced degrees in writing at Rutgers University and at studying at Rowan University. He also spent a year writing fiction that, he says, "has become at the rear of a drawer waiting to be discovered and acclaimed posthumously." While in college, he supported himself by working as a battery assembler, a machinist, a truck driver, a hospital attendant, and an apple packer. John lives with his wife, Judith Nadell, near Philadelphia. Besides Philly sports teams and his spouse, his passions include reading and turning on nonreaders to the power and pleasure of novels. Throughout Townsend Press, his educational publishing firm, he has developed the nonprofit "Townsend Library"--a group over fifty new and classic tales that are appealing to readers of every age.

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