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Pure Fishing

Louis Carpano was born in 1832, and in 1851, he entered the Clockmakers School at Cluses, Savoy (now Italy). After leaving college, he moved to work in France and Switzerland. His first    invention dates from 1860 and has been an improved milling-machine for the carving of equipment. He transferred back into Cluses at 1868 and co-founded a company to produce and sell watch-gears, milling machines and watchmaker's tools. Louis' nephew, Constant, was educated with his uncle took on the business in 1902. Louis lived in Turin (Italy) until his death in 1919.  

Constant's son-in-law, Charles Pons, joined the family business, currently called Carpono and Pons, and has been the moving spirit in the firm. In the 1930's they labored with two fishing tackle makers to enhance their round reel designs. They made the first prototype open-faced spinning reel in the latter portion of this 1930s and a patent has been awarded in 1950 with this brand new engine design.

The true origin of the title Mitchell remains mysterious--Even though Carpano & Pons had the intention to name their first leash "Michel", they discovered this name was already used and patented therefore they gave the reel an American sounding title which was really in vogue at the time.

Léon Carpano and Charles Pons, astonished as they had been by the accomplishment of their first models, shortly made a decision to style and to market more models of their reel, like the "Salt Water", the "Mitchell Cap" (Cap 54), even the more "Otomatic", along with the "Rapid". Back in April 1957 a determination was reached to add a number to the name of every existing model and the first born "Mitchell" became "Mitchell 300″. Back in 1966, the birth of the 10,000,000th reel was celebrated and manufacturing reached an awesome number of 12,000 reels every day in 1970. No suprise that the the 20,000,000th reel was celebrated in 1971.

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