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Chanel Q

If you'd like to have a chat with Chanel, then you can hit her up on or drop her a note to Facebook:

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E.R. Baine

E. R. Baine was studying as a writer by age 7 years old. Beginning with the daily comics, and progressing to the Book of Bible Stories, until she became a avid reader of Mills and Boon at Age 13. Penny Jordan was among her favourite novelists from the early 1990's.

Her preferences varied, and she had been obsessed with science fiction books of Star Trek The Next Generation and Christopher Pike novels in her late and early adolescents, and her interest was drawn to classic westerns as well. Still, Romantic Fiction has remained a basic genre she has been fascinated with all her life.

After gaining a University Degree in Computer Science with a minor in English, also completing a Career Diploma in Freelance Writing, she's joined the ranks of published author. She has been a voracious reader and writer all her life. E.R. Baine writes Romance show for adults.

facebook site:

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Messiah Raye is the newest addition to UPTOWN BOOKS.

Even though new to the writing world, That has not stopped him from being a creative force, often giving his insight on jobs for fellow writer, and childhood friend Shontaiye.

His initial job , a novella collection, THE TAKEOVER drops September 8th with ton's more content to follow along. Messiah's story lines and characters are attractive, relatable, and more fascinating. He hopes to finally gain a massive following of the interested in quality urban novels. He writes what he knows and is currently completing an 11 year sentence for drug supply in a MD state prison.

Catch the book when it drops and send any inquiries or remarks to

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Imani Stokes

Imani Stokes is pen name or the alter ego, if you may, of an authour that is recognized. Imani has a flare for digging deep to urban fiction and producing not only a realistic picture but a believable story also.
Imani will continue to pump out fresh and new narrative that keep the readers glued to this page till the final term is read.

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B.M. Hardin

Native of North Carolina, little city, big head full of thoughts! Communications Degree and a massive passion for the writing.
Blessed with the gift of gab and I wish to discuss my words and ideas with the world.
It is a beautiful feeling to be in a position to do the thing you love the most. When you find that thing that gives you more joy than doing anything else, pursue it; chase after it and dont stop until you grab it.
I am aiming to inspire and I will not stop until I do!

B.M. Hardin

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Joan Barbara Simon

Hello! I’m Joan Barbara Simon and I compose multicultural ancient fiction, sensual suspense/smutpunk, non-fiction, literary fiction, but mostly I write what I'm passionate about even if the business labels don’t fit. I’m quite happy to be able to say I have been in comparison to the finest: James Joyce, D. H. Lawrence, Virginia Woolf. Chuck Palahniuk, Bret Easton Ellis, Anais Nin and A. M. Homes. A person called me a literary terrorist and also madwoman. I rather enjoyed that. Someone else called me a girl having a dick. As long as you are able to handle it, I guess that’so fine.

Labels. Tricky. Can I write erotica? I think that erotica is vital: women composing it, filming it, all good and necessary to move us ahead. Question is: is that what my fiction (e.g. Mut@tus, Verses Nature, Angel Eyes) is all about or does it have something more profound to inform? I write books for readers who want to research my protagonists, who would like to understand where those protagonists are coming out of. Readers who want to relate to literary, thoughtful characters. Readers who consent to and experience sexuality as a complex asset – and facet – Of fact, but that aren't just out for this quick thrill it's possible to wipe from your lap following a number of seconds. I write for readers who need an experience that is worth their while long after the book has been read and set aside for they agree with me that the head is the increased challenge to satisfy.

As for my historical fiction (Extended Time Walk On Water), the invitation here, too, is to acknowledge the human face behind history; not one of people who wage wars and also eliminate territories, but of people who dare to love. The cold facts of 'background' has our own lives dehydrated to numbers that leave no room for the warmth of memory. This can be a heat we must provide ourselves. Women, Particularly.

Passion. This’s me. Unconventional? The hat matches. Iȁ

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