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Strong Arm Creek Hard Boiled Detective ebook product image


Women Sleuths Hard Boiled Conspiracies Procedurals ebook product image


Midtown Murders Detective Carter Investigates ebook product image


Whiskey Justice Tom Mystery ebook product image


Detective Riker Night Vampire Trilogy ebook product image


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STATELINE Boiled Private Detective Mystery ebook product image


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Peter OMahoney

Peter O'Mahoney is the author of This Max Harrison and Bill Harvey thrillers.

O'Mahoney was raised on a wholesome dose of Perry Mason stories. The pace, intrigue, and design of the books prompted him to compose his own pair of bestselling legal dramas.
Having majored in psychology, O'Mahoney delves into the thoughts of his roles to discover the inspiration behind their activities. He likes to blur the line between good and evil.

Composing under various pen names, such as children’s books under the pen name Peter Patrick, O'Mahoney has entertained hundreds of thousands of subscribers around the globe.

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Stephen Gane

I Am Stephen Gane and That I was born in Bath, Somerset, at 1948.

I left school without any qualifications. Then I found employment as an apprentice chef. I combined P&O and functioned to cruise liners for a while.
I then transferred to London where I finished my cooking career as head chef of a London Club. Liston's love of cookery is something he shares with me personally. My second career was selling antiques which I did before I retired.
Suffering from dyslexia I've always had problems with spelling and reading so writing a novel never entered my mind. But, Christmas 2013, I had a dream and needed to compose the story.
Fourteen days and three days later "A Questionable Hero" was completed. And now I've composed the sequel. I hope you like reading my novels as far as I love writing them.
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I H Laking

I H Laking resides in Melbourne, Australia, where he writes steampunk fantasy stories for young adults, such as the Inspector Ambrose puzzle series.

I chased Laking draws inspiration from what he adheres to, as well as what he reads; his own literary influences include C. S. Lewis and John Le Carre, with additional inspiration coming from bands including Coldplay, Falling Up, and Owl City. He's currently working on a brand new adventure from the Eastern Empire, as well as his debut book series.

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Messiah Raye is the newest addition to UPTOWN BOOKS.

Even though new to the writing world, That has not stopped him from being a creative force, often giving his insight on jobs for fellow writer, and childhood friend Shontaiye.

His initial job , a novella collection, THE TAKEOVER drops September 8th with ton's more content to follow along. Messiah's story lines and characters are attractive, relatable, and more fascinating. He hopes to finally gain a massive following of the interested in quality urban novels. He writes what he knows and is currently completing an 11 year sentence for drug supply in a MD state prison.

Catch the book when it drops and send any inquiries or remarks to

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Rod Moore

I have always been a creative soul with a crazy imagination. From ringing in down and dirty blues bands into oil painting landscapes its been a constant search for self reflection. The idea of writing crime, mystery and thriller fiction never occurred to me until I watched a buddy of mine fulfill a lifetime dream to become a published writer.

So tired one chilly day, and armed with a brain that gravitated to the darker side of life, I chose to write my very first crime detective short narrative. Strong Arm Creek, a novella, had been the result and became the first in the Agent Gallahan series.

Recognizing I've a passion for writing I am currently busily tapping away at the secrets weaving more detailed and intricate plots, stories and characters hopefully for your pleasure and reading pleasure.

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Tad S. Torm

Books by the Identical author:


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Dave Stanton

Dave Stanton is the author of five novels in the Dan Reno private eye series. They don't need to be read chronologically to be enjoyed, but for all those who wish to understand, the arrangement is: Stateline, Dying for the Highlife, Speed Metal Blues, Black Ice, and Hard Prejudice.

The Doomsday Girl, book #6 at the Dan Reno show, will be available in mid-2017.

You can Find a free copy of Wrong Turn at Carson, a Dan Reno short story, by registering for Dave’s mailing list at:

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Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1960, Dave Stanton transferred into Northern California in 1961. He Got a BA in journalism from San Jose State University in 1983. Through the years, he was employed as a bartender, paper advertisements agency, furniture mover, debt collector, along with technology salesman. He's two children, Austin and Haley, and resides with his wife, Heidi, at San Jose, California.

Stanton's five novels all feature private investigator Dan Reno along with his ex-cop friend, Cody Gibbons.


This was 2001, and the bubble was bursting. My timing was bad - a few months past I had left a steady job to work for a "promising" startup which provided more money. As a salesman, I immediately realized the product I hired me to sell was doomed. I drew this conclusion despite claims differently by some clever (and temporarily wealthy) individuals. Like many during that moment, they were sucked into an illusion.

I sat at my cubicle in Silicon Valley, regretful, certain I would be jobless soon. The clients I had been delegated had all considered my proposals and firmly declined. I had nothing to do, and the boredom was killing me. Spontaneously, I started composing.

Three weeks after I was at a new

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Robert Child

"If you need to 'see' a wonderful movie read a book by Robert Child."

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Award winning writer, Robert Child, is a master of action, drama and cinematic storytelling within his visually vivid thrillers. His most recent novel isalso, THE LOST ELEVEN, the true WWII narrative of the eleven, African-American soldiers who fought courageously for freedom at WWII—just to be ruthlessly implemented by Nazi troops during the Battle of the Bulge.

Rob possesses that rare ability to transport readers into gripping, intelligent page-turning narratives that feature nicely designed characters and cinematic activity that jumps off the page like a major motion picture.

Military history is among the long time fires. He has produced a number of films on this topic, and it has won over 25 movie and television awards and an Emmy® nomination.

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Steven Loton

After being expelled from London's prestigious Central school of Speech and Drama in his second year, Steven went on to turn into a short story writer, regularly released in LA's, Underground Voices and at London's The Delinquent; he also wrote for the London magazine BLANC.

KAI-ME-RAH is the groundbreaking debut book, and Steven also has published several collections of short stories, Detective Riker, Jungle Shark and Chainsaw Hawk. He has recently released the first of a dazzling trilogy (Detective Riker - Night of the Vampire.)

He is currently beating out his most recent novel, Switchblade Girl where he resides in South London.

Practice Steven Loton:



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A.L. Tyler

I grew up in Broomfield, Colorado, studying and creating artwork. (But mostly reading.) I'm a second generation trekkie, a lover of obscure anime along with many science fiction and fantasy about television now, and I have dressed up to see conventions. I proudly possess a time turner and a tribble sitting alongside the VHS copies of Star Wars on my shelf in your home--still searching a sonic screwdriver to add to the mix.

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