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Milica Vladova

Milica Vladova dedicated her work to spread the valuable knowledge of their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. She is determined to make the world healthier, happier, and more successful!

Her work has been released on The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, along with Steven Aitchison.
She's the writer of "The Detox and Strong Immunity Series" and "Toxin-free Homemade Beauty Recipes".

It is possible to find her newest bits of wisdom and get her FREE healthful recipe books at

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Daniel Humphreys

A lot of folks would ask me if I'm German or Norman, along with my answer is that I am 100% unique! Joking aside, I owe my cooking influence mainly for my mom who was British! I can surely make a mean Sheppard’s pie, but in regards to preparing Bratwurst sausages and drinking beer with friends, I'm also all in!

I'm taking you on this culinary journey with me and trust you can enjoy my diversified background. In my 15 years career as a chef, I never needed a dish returned to me by among clients, so I should say something about me! In fact, I will take that backagain. My favorite writer is that my four years old kid, who refuses to taste anything that is green colour. That will pass, I am positive.

My expectation is to assist my kids discover the joy of cooking and sharing their creations with their loved ones, like I did all of my life. When you build a fire for cooking and my own suspicious is that you've got one as well, it typically sticks for everyday life. The best advice I can give anyone as an expert chef would be invest. Invest your time, your center in every meal you're making. Invest also just a small money in great cooking equipment and quality ingredients. But most of all enjoy every meal that you prepare with YOUR friends and loved ones!

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Don Orwell

Don Orwell is currently a creator of Superfoods Association, Superfoods blogger and writer of many Superfoods novels. He switched on eating only whole foods Superfoods at 2009 after being diagnosed with significant vascular troubles and very low thyroid. Superfoods helped him regain his health, lose weight, mend his hormones imbalance and assisted with his mum ADHD issue. He chose to explain his weight reduction experience and inspire folks to start rethinking their eating habits. Equation for fat loss and great health is quite easy:

Whole Foods Superfoods + Water - Processed Foods = Weight Loss and Good Health

Estimates from the Authorities:
"Our food should be our medicine and our medicine ought to be our meals." - Hippocrates
"All diseases begin in the intestine" - Hippocrates 460 - 370 BC
"At america and most Western nations, diet-related chronic diseases represent the single biggest cause of morbidity and mortality. All these disorders are epidemic in modern Westernized populations and generally afflict 50-65% of the mature population." - Origins and Evolution of the Western Diet: health implications for the 21st century -American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Consider the old adage: "You're What You Eat"
"How Can You Go Wrong With Superfoods-only Diet?"

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Dina Cheney

I am the author of six cookbooks: The New Milks; 100-Plus Dairy-Free Recipes for Making and Cooking with Soy, Nut, Seed, Grain, and Coconut Milks (Atria/Simon & Schuster, May 2016), Mug Meals, Meatless All Day, Year-Round Slow Cooker, Williams-Sonona New Flavors for Salads, and Tasting Club.

I have produced recipes or written articles for publications, including Every Day with Rachael Ray, Parents, Fine Cooking,, Dr. Oz The Good Life, Clean Eating, Coastal Living, Cooking Light, The Huffington Post, Specialty Food, and more.

My enthusiasm for food is also expressed through my art: I design and picture many of my recipes, and paint still lifes of fruit, flowers and vegetables. My photos have been printed in O The Oprah Magazine and on along with feedfeed; and also happen to be discussed on Instagram by Food & Wine, Health, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Cooking Light, and Real Straightforward Magazines. For pictures samples, see with my Instagram feed, @thenewmilks.

Lately, I founded The New Milks (, a dairy-free resource website through which I am popularizing delicious and healthy plant-based, alternative, or dairy-free milks.

I've judged the sofi Awards (handed out by the Specialty Food Association); conducted over 45 tastings and discussions nationwide; and educated over 100 cooking courses through my (former) culinary instruction organization, Cooking by Heart.

Over 200 media outlets have coated my job. Just a few contain Redbook, Real Simple, Every Day with Rachael Ray, The New York Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Post, "Fox" News in Boston and New York, NBC News, NPR and Wisconsin Public Radio.

Before focusing on my career in teaching and writing, I graduated from Columbia College, Columbia University (Anthropology/English Literature) and the Institute of Culinary Education Career program. I researched ar

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