The Best Free Romantic Comedy - March 2020

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Kiss Brew Short Romantic Comedy ebook product image


Keeping Mum Comedy Romance Novel ebook product image


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V Card Romantic Comedy Sharing Spaces ebook product image


Friends Brother FRIENDS BROTHER Romantic ebook product image


Love Rumors Billionaire Contemporary Billionaires ebook product image


Between Boyfriends Free Romantic Comedy ebook product image


Handles Romantic Comedy Oakland Hills product image


Bargaining Bride Honeybrook Love Novel ebook product image


Flirting Games Book ebook product image


Best Seller
Belle Ball Three Graces Trilogy ebook product image

Top Free Romantic Comedy Brands

Allison Gatta

Allison Gatta is an enthusiastic author of steamy contemporary romance, an obsessive viewer of bad television, and an occasional player of overly-complex board matches. In her free time, she believes up fun, new personalities and claims with her loved ones on sci-fi trivia. She is a firm believer that Voldemort would vanquish Darth Vader in a duel.

Allison resides in the town of Autsin, TX with her husband along with their scrappy puppy, Sophie. Allison is fueled by coffee and feedback, so feel free to get acquainted with Allison through Twitter, Facebook, or sign up for the newsletter for exciting information and exclusive previews!

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Kacey Shea

Kacey Shea is a mother of 3, wife, and Cartoon writer who resides in sunny Arizona. She loves reading and writing romance books as much as her kid adores unicorns, which can be a lot.

If she's not writing you'll find her acting cab cab to her children while belting out her favorite songs, meeting friends or family for meals and also to share some laughs, or sweating it out at the gym. Kacey finds that picking up heavy weights repeatedly is excellent because of her mental health as far as it is for the physical.

She has an unhealthy obsession with firefighters. It could be the pants. It could be the fire. It's just sexy. On occasion she was known to add them, without their knowledge, in her selfies beyond the grocery shop.

Kacey one afternoon could be a girl hand design in a sexy photo shoot. You know, the woman's hand raking round the muscular rear or six pack stomach of the male fitness model. Yep, that hand.

Until that day comes she will continue writing hot, flirty romance novels in hopes to bring others joy!

Kacey enjoys interacting with her fans so please don't hesitate to stalk her on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Jean Oram

Jean Oram is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author who loves making opposites attract in tear-jerking, laugh-out-loud romances set in small towns. She grew up in a town of 100 (cats and dogs not included) and owns one pair of high heels that she's worn roughly 3 times in the past twenty years.

Her life includes an ongoing school theme having grown up in an old school house, subsequently turning into a ski instructor at the Canadian Rockies, subsequently heading on to marry a teacher and become a high school librarian. She now runs on the fundraising committee for her daughter's college.

Jean resides in Canada with her husband and 2 children. She can frequently be found outdoors hiking up mountains, playing Red Light, Green Light with kids on the soccer field, rushing her dog on her bike--sometimes the puppy lets her triumph--or inside writing her next book.

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Bria Quinlan

RWA RITA award finalist and USA Today Best Seller Bria Quinlan writes Diet-Coke-Snort-Worthy Rom Coms on what it's like to be a woman and cope with crap and still search for love. She also writes books for teenagers that take hard subjects and make you laugh through the tears. Some folks call them dilemma books. Some folks call them romantic comedies. Bria calls them what-life-looks-like.  

Her tales remind one that life is an adventure not to be ignored. You may contact her in OR on Twitter @briaquinlan.

Rep'd by Laird Lauren Macleod of the Clan... Oh, wait. Of Strothman Agency.

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Perrin Briar

I'm Perrin Briar, the bestselling English author of thrilling postsecondary and experience titles. My stories often feature in Amazon best-selling lists and have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

My present series contain:

Blood (9 books)
Z-Minus (6 publications)
Swiss Family RobinZOM (3 books)
Skip (3 novels)
Sink (6 publications)

My one-off books include:

Keeping Mum

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Alicia Michaels

Since she first read books such as Chronicles of Narnia or Goosebumps, Alicia has been a fan of mind-bending fiction. Wherever imagination takes her, she is more than happy to call that place her property. With several Fantasy and Science Fiction titles under her belt, then Alicia tries to write multicultural stories and characters that touch the center. V-Card, the first book of the Sharing Spaces series, has been her very first Contemporary Romance.
The mum of three and wife to a soldier, so '' she enjoys coffee, chocolate, and naturally great books. When not composing, you can generally find her with her nose in a book, shopping for shoes and jewelry that is fantastic, or spending some time with her loving family.

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Stella Wilkinson

Stella Wilkinson is a complete time author from Bristol, England. She primarily writes Young Adult Romantic Comedy and Paranormal Romance. Though she's best known for her hugely powerful Flirting Games Series, she also has stand alone novels and two other string.

Stella is an enthusiastic (if horrible) cook, and loves to bake chocolate brownies in her free time. She also collects classic books and original editions of any genre at all, so that her walls are filled with dusty smelly older tomes on various dull topics that she treasures and her family hates :-) She lives with her husband, two kids along with the cats, Sherlock & Dr Watson.

Check her site for additional information:
You can find her on twitter @fantasyscribble or be the first to hear about her newest releases and then join her mailing list here:

Accessible from Stella Wilkinson:

The Flirting Games
More Flirting Games
Further Flirting Games
The Flirting Games Trilogy (Books 1 - 3)
Good @ Games
Flirting with Friends
Greatest Frenemies
Boy Girl Games
Halloween Magic & Mayhem
Werewolf Magic & Mayhem
Solstice Magic & Mayhem
Magic & Mayhem Box Collection (Books 1 - 3)
Demon Magic & Mayhem
Notice Me
A Christmas Present
The Fake Valentine
A Summer Thing
All Hallows Eve

You can discover more out of Stella Wilkinson at her site:

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Pam McCutcheon

I've been a reader all my life, beginning with fairy tales and graduating to reading everything in the house when I grew older, like my parents' romances, mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, and action/adventure.

If a writer can unite humor and romance using a dream, science fiction, or paranormal element, I am hooked. Add action/adventure, and it's even better!

Since I could not find quite enough books that combine these elements, I sat down to write a few of my very own. Read more about my novels on

I now reside in Colorado with my saving puppies.


Nonfiction Books for Writers:
Writing the Fiction Synopsis
The Writer's Brainstorming Kit (using Michael Waite)

Paranormal Romances:
Golden Prophecies (futuristic)
Quicksilver (futuristic)
A Little Something Extra (leprechaun)
A Reluctant Rogue (time travel)
Chasing Baby (romantic comedy)
Here Comes the ... Baby (romantic comedy)
My Favourite Husband (romantic comedy)
Caught in the Act (romantic comedy)
The Mesmerist (time traveling, first book in the Hope Chest series--previously titled Enchantment)
Belle of the Ball (first publication in the Three Graces series)
The Trouble with Fairies novella in A Midsummer Night's Magic

I Also Have written fantasy short stories:
"Chemistry 101"
"After the Ball"
"A Light in the Darkness"
"The Dragon and the Maiden"
"At Midnight in the Garden of the Rings"

Other nonfiction:
An Unauthorized Dan Brown Companion (contributor)
"Trenton: A Great Place for the Family?" In Entirely Plum, An Unauthorized Celebration of the Life, Loves and Other Disasters of Stephanie Plum, Trenton Bounty Hunter
"Synopsis Composing: Summing Up Your Novel To get an Agent" at 2009 Guide to Literary

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Gretchen Galway

Gretchen Galway is a USA TODAY bestselling writer who writes romantic comedies because love is too painful to live without laughing. A native of the American Midwest, she now lives in California with her husband and 2 kids.

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Chrissy Favreau

Chrissy Favreau is a crafter, coffee-brewer, also writer of witty young adult fiction. From the not-so-distant ago, she has worked with elephants, mountain lions, and a despicable monkey named Mario. She owes her life to some Siberian tiger named Reba, who could have murdered her, but did not. That is why you're reading this today.

Chock-full of sexy guys, Favreau's YA books are intended for an older teen audience; but they're so relatable that they can be--and often are--enjoyed by adults, too.

Visit her online at

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Monique DeVere

Monique DeVere is a full-time author of Sweet 'n' Spicy Romantic Comedy and Contemporary Romance.

She also writes Christian Supernatural Suspense film scripts. She was born on the beautiful island of Barbados, where she climbed up on a large plantation with enough wide-open space to let the imagination run loose. She moved into the UK as a teenager and shortly afterwards met and fell instantly, and irrevocably, in love with her very own strong-silent-type hero. If Monique isn’t writing or spending quality time with her loved ones, she enjoys to armchair travel to exciting and distant areas of the planet and believes himself to get the best job on the planet.

It is possible to visit her at where she invites you to join private Sweet ‘& bull#x2019; Spicy Readers Club packed full of goodies to her members. Monique loves to hear from her readers, do get her in

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Maggie Bloom

MAGGIE BLOOM climbed up in the ‘80s, under the sway of acid-washed jeans, hair bands, leg warmers, and John Hughes films. She resides in coastal Maine with her family (and the world’s cleverest cat, Twinkle). Visit her at

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