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JL Collins

Nowadays, I am a book author and financial blogger on, but it wasn’t always so.

I began selling flyswatters door-to-door and picking out empty soda bottles in the face of the road for the 2-cent deposit. Gimme a break. I had been eight.

My very first real job was draining out big metallic ice cream cans. I was 13. It paid $1.25 per hour.

Out there: Busboy, dishwasher, order-puller, grocery bagger, stock clerk, produce clerk and gasoline channel pump back in the afternoon when someone pumped your gas, cleaned your chimney and checked your oil (ask your grandparents).

Mail clerk, tree-trimmer, landscaper, advertising agency creator, accounts executive, advertising space salesman, investment officer, entrepreneur, consultant, sales trainer, speaker, author, radio talk show host and magazine writer. Pretty much in that ordert. And I might have forgotten one or two.

My work has taken me to many U.S. states as well as Canada, Germany and England. One of my few regrets is that I’ve never needed a global posting.

But I’ve had the Great fortune to see a bit of the planet in my: Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Wales, England, Greece, Crete, Puerto Rico, Tahiti, Venezuela, Curacao, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Paris, India, Kashmir, Goa, Nepal, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Eleuthera, St. Thomas, St. Martin, Barbados, Antigua, Martinique, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Chile, Prague, Guatemala, Galápagos. Pretty much in that order #x2019 but I &;t seen several more than once. And I may have forgotten one or two.

I’ve traveled by airplane, train, bus, ship, subway, cab, hired car, motorcycle, bike, rickshaw, hitch-hiking, foot, horse, donkey and sea. Not just traveled by elephant, but herded rhinoceroses by elephant back in Nepal.

My degree in English Literature is from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana

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