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Herbal Concepts Ltd Liqufruta Cough Med Garlic 200Ml product image


Ultimate Defense Zinc 50mg Vitamin C 800mg Sambucus Elderberry 900mg Echinacea P 600mg Garlic product image


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Rosemary Gladstars Medicinal Herbs Beginners ebook product image


Mediterranean Diet Beginners Complete Delicious product image


Gjelina Cooking California Travis Lett product image


Live Eat Cooking Mediterranean Way product image


BLOOD PRESSURE PILLS Lower Naturally product image


Kyolic Formula Extract Pressure 160 Capsules product image


Flea Away Natural Mosquito Repellent product image


Ultimate Seachem Aquarium Treatment Bundle Pack Metroplex Kanaplex Focus Garlic Guard All In product image

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Herbal Concepts

Applying our herbal wraps will relax, revive and restore your body & spirit. We fill each single herbal combination we create using the exact same high quality components so that you may be certain that you'll always have the ideal.

Utilize our wraps heated in the microwave for heat therapy to relax sore, sore muscles and enhance circulation. Microwave wraps for 1 minute, gently change the herbs from side to side and place wrap around your body for instant relaxation. Our wraps stay warm because we utilize heat preserving natural grains such as flax seed and wheat.

You can even chill our wraps from the freezer for cold therapy to relaxation strains, sprains and swelling. Cold treatment is an effective remedy for decreasing inflammation.

We use premium quality fashion fabrics to produce each of our lovely herbal wraps. Fabric selections include, ultra soft & comfy minky in 6 eye catching colors and also our eco-friendly licensed organic cotton fleece from the lotion.

Every Herbal Concepts wrap Includes the next physician-formulated Range of 12 grains and herbs:

Lavender  - guts tonic

Valerian Root  - comfort, anti-spasm

White Willow - analgesic

Chamomile - nerve tonic, comfort

Rosemary - hassle support

Peppermint - nuisance, anti-spasm

Spearmint - neural support

Hops - sedative

Yellow Dock - flow support

Lemongrass - Laughter, pain relief

Cinnamon - anti-spasm

Yarrow - recovery support

Natural Grains - Oregon-grown flax and more

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