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Susan Cain

Hi, I'm Susan Cain, the co-founder of Quiet Revolution ( and the author of the bestsellers Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts (Dial Books, May 2016), and Quiet: The Power of Introverts at A World That May’t Quit Talking (Crown Publishers, Jan. 2012). I'm also the co-founder of this Quiet Schools Network along with the Quiet Leadership Institute.

Before I became a writer, I practiced corporate law for seven decades, representing clients like Goldman Sachs and General Electric. I then started a negotiation consultancy, training all types of folks, from hedge fund managers to TV producers to school students negotiating their initial salaries. My clients have included Merrill Lynch, Shearman & Sterling, One Hundred Women in Hedge Funds, and also a Lot More. I moved to Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

From that you may guess that I'm a hardcore, superbly self indulgent, pound-the-table sort of man, when actually I am just the contrary. I prefer listening to talking, studying to interacting, and comfy chats to set configurations. I love to think before I speak (softly). I've never given a language with no scared first. And somehow I know that what I have ever realized, in love and in the office, I owe to those traits, annoying though they may sometimes be. I have explored this paradox in my novel.

I reside on the banks of the Hudson River within an 1822 captain cabin with my beloved husband and toddlers. My favorite activities are reading, composing, lounging round cafés, and doing the mambo with my loved ones. I utilize a great deal of old-fashioned expressions. A couple of times per year, I try to like cooking. I'm insatiably interested in human nature. I am a proud member of the Invisible Institute, also a little authors team whose members include Pulitzer Prize winners, New York Times bestselling authors, and some of the most inspiring human beings in new york.

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