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NOW Foods

Back in the early 60's the health care business was at its infancy. "Health foods" were obscure and peculiar, and health food enthusiasts were broadly categorized as hippies and granola-heads.

During these raw and formative early years, entrepreneur Elwood Richard began a small chain of health food stores in the Chicago area named Health House. A degreed physical chemist, Elwood's collegiate research had concentrated on improving physical performace via the usage of healthful foods and nutritional supplements. The knowledge he aquired during this time left him a firm believer in organic products for health and quality of life, and laid the early foundation for his life-long love of nourishment and wellness foods.

After losing clients to a local supermarket because of the high costs of his products, Elwood recognized that in order because of his health food shops to live and thrive they had to offer affordable natural products. Health foods would not survive if no one could afford them. He began his own natural products manufacturing company to supply his stores, that lent his complete control on product cost and quality. NOW Foods has been created.

Today NOW is still possessed by the Richard family, and it has grown to become one of those most popular product industry's most recognizable brands, supplying among the most extensive traces of organic products out there. NOW has ever remained loyal to Elwood's first vision-to supply value in services and products that empower   people lead healthy lives.

As one of the industry's oldest and most respected producers, you can always depend on NOW to deliver the very best selection of organic goods at prices you'll find difficult to beat!

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Were you aware that study points to possible links between gum disease (gingivitis and peridondtitis) and conditions like heart disease, diabetes and very low weight births? The cause of this is apparent... Periodontal infections might cause harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream and travel to other parts of the human body. That's why CloSYS was devised in1991 from Dr. Perry Ratcliff, one of America's top periodontists and pros on dental medical and gum disease. During Dr. Ratcliff's many years of clinical practice, he discovered that stabilized chlorine dioxide (trade named Cloralstan) helped to significantly decrease the harmful bacteria in the mouths of his patients. The results he demonstrated with patients had been decreased gum pockets, less bleeding, and much better health instantly.

CloSYS toothpaste, mouthwash and breath spray are all mild and great for individuals with sensitive mouths because CloSYS products are free of sulfates and other unpleasant chemicals associated with canker sores. The truth is when you've canker sores they are eliminated by CloSYS and helps prevent a return occurrence. And CloSYS products are pH balanced to reduce acid levels. Why is CloSYS so tender and unique is that it's naturally actuated by the amino acids in your saliva and only strikes the bacteria that cause plaque build-up without consuming healthful bacteria (significant to digestion and a wholesome mouth).

  • Alcohol Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Non-Burning 
  • Triclosan Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Immediate Results

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Anne Byrn

Anne Byrn is well known to millions of fans through her Cake Mix Doctor and Dinner Doctor cookbooks. Her latest book is known as American Cake, and it is a background of cake in the us with recipes. When Anne isn't within her Nashville kitchen, she is in the backyard. Visit her online at

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Rory Jones

Rory Jones, M.S., is a medical writer and Adjunct Professor of Narrative Medicine at Barnard College at Columbia University.

She has completed extensive work on health and health care topics, such as educational programs for both adults and kids. She specializes in "translating" scientific advice for a consumer audience. Diagnosed with celiac disease in 1998, she has researched and written about the diet for consumer publications as well as medical and it. She's How to confer with a Healthy Life and the co-author of Celiac Disease: A Hidden Epidemic and Gluten Exposed: The Science Behind the Hype.

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Allison Day

Allison Day is a cookbook writer, nutritionist, food photographer, and also the inventor of the award-winning food site Yummy Beet.

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Dan Olson

Dan Olson is a husband and father of four. He loves illustrating children's books, as well as church history, teaching, and baseball. By day, he serves as director of advancement to Your Gospel Coalition.

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Shari Lieberman

SHARI LIEBERMAN, PhD, CNS, is a widely respected nutritionist who's an expert in treating and identifying nausea. She is the author of several books, including the best-selling Real Vitamin and Mineral Book, published in its third version in 2003. A regular speaker at medical and scientific conferences around the globe, '' she resides in nyc.

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