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Best Value
Ceramic Coated Herb Grinder Sharper Easier Movement Extra Tough Sealed Aluminum 2 5 Inch Diameter product image


Salt and Pepper Grinder Set CTSZOOM Manual Premium Beech Wooden Salt Grinder Pepper Mill Shakers product image


Non Stick White Ceramic Grinder 2 5 4 Piece Aluminum Grinder with Pollen Scraper white1 product image


Top Choice
Premium Stainless Salt Pepper Grinder product image


Upgraded Version Kozo Grinders Aluminium product image


MONOJOY White Ceramic 4 Piece Herb Grinder 2 4 Inch with Rose Gold Metal Sharp Teeth and Scraper product image


Hario MSCS 2DTB Skerton Ceramic Grinder product image


Kuhn Rikon Performance Ratchet Grinder product image


Best Seller
Wood Pepper Grinder Pepper Mill Adjustable Coarseness Wooden Peppermill Ceramic Grinding Mechanism product image


SaltWorks Ancient Himalayan Artisan Grinder product image

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The name HARIO is based on the King of Glass 玻璃王(Hario). The business has continued to supply the beauty of colour and new richness through top excellent glass and heatproof glass. The foundation of HARIO' s business strategy is 真善美楽(shinzenbiraku). To pursue the truth of character and well-being of individuals and fulfill needs which subsequently become gain. To create good utilization of top quality materials, mastered techniques and proficient personnel realized. To offer service and fine crafted goods of value to clients. To deliver pleasure to society and supply happiness and wealth to businesses and workers involved. With this doctrine at heart, HARIO will continue the journey of producing products that are inspirational.

Eco-friendly and secure heatproof glass

HARIO utilizes 100% organic minerals to refine heatproof glass making it an environmentally friendly substance. The glass can withstand high heat and acidity which makes it suitable to be used in microwave ovens. To enhance the degree of security of heatproof glass 100% organic salt is utilized to remove bubbles which form in the glass during the manufacturing procedure. HARIO continues to make heatproof glass that is safe to use and safe for the environment.

Generation That's Reliable/Safe/Environmentally Friendly

With the security of this heatproof glass being highly appraised in the health, chemical & physical components, we provide to everybody a item which won't exude environmental hormones when heated in the microwave, and a item which doesn't use any substance that will leave us with uncertainty. In addition, in order to secure our precious all-natural resources, Hario is boosting reusable containers.

A factory without chimneys

Since 1972, HARIO manufactures heat proof glass at a mill without chimneys.Removing chimneys was attained by the individual development of technologies to melt raw materials of glass using electricity rather

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