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Ghost Fire Guitar Pedal Board Aluminum Alloy 1 3lb Super light Effect Pedalboard16 5 x11 8 with product image


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Ghost Fire Guitar Pedal Board Aluminum Alloy 1 76lb Super light Effect Pedalboard 19 8 x11 5 product image


Mr Power Pedalboard Aluminium Guitar Effect product image


Ghost Fire Guitar Pedal Board Aluminum Alloy 3 3lb Effect Pedalboard 22 x12 5 with Carry Bag product image


Vangoa Guitar Aluminum Lightweight Pedalboard product image


Professional Multi Effects Processor Instrument Amplifier product image


Gator Cases GPB BAK 1 Aluminum Stealth product image

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Here at Zoom we have been constructing complex products for the last thirty years. However, with the radical H6 six-track recorder, then the bar is increased farther still. Four interchangeable inputs -- X/Y, MS, Shotgun, and Double XLR/TRS Combo -- create the H6 the best chameleon of the audio world, and its own advanced preamps make it the best-sounding one also. No matter your application -- live recording, specialist film/video work, live broadcast or digital news gathering -- the H6 can manage it with ease.

It's the most versatile mobile recorder ever.

XYH-6 X/Y Capsule

The H6's comprised X/Y capsule employs two wheeled high-quality unidirectional mics that are sensitive to signals coming from your front but less to signs coming from the rear and sides. X/Y recording is ideal when you wish to cover a broad region yet still catch a strong center image, making it the perfect choice for all kinds of live stereo   recording.

Get the noise that completes the scene.

Whether you slip it on the camera strap or attach it directly to your DSLR using our Hot Shoe mount, then the H6 is the essential sound recorder for place videography. Its supplied MSH-6 mic capsule and also onboard MS decoding, plus the capacity to set up to 6 tracks simultaneously, gives you a lot of alternatives in post-production.

Deliver the entire story, down to the last detail.

Extend your scope with the discretionary SGH-6 Shotgun mic. Get each word of the headline-making interview. Capture breaking news with maximum effect, then blend and prepare the music for broadcast whilst still in the field. With the H6, you are able to do onsite coverage that really   resonates.

Make every chord, every single note, each riff really sing.

Plug in the elective EXH-6 Double XLR/TRS capsule and your H6 becomes a private 6-track studio with six different line- or mic-level inputs, each with its own volume control and mat.


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