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Love Hair Natasha Anastasia Tarpley product image


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Top Hair Cut Book Brands

Matthew McElligott

Matthew McElligott is the author and illustrator of many books for children including The Mad Scientist Academy series, Even Aliens Need Snacks, Benjamin Franklinstein Lives!

, Even Monsters Need Haircuts, The Lion's Share, Bean Thirteen, and Lots of books about Backbeard the pirate. Much like Backbeard, he is big, dusty, cluttered, and not overly bright.

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Jessica Gunderson

Jessica Gunderson grew up in a property of fiery sunsets Washburn, North Dakota and horizons of wheat. As a kid, she loved to learn more about the ravines in her hometown and pretend she had been lost, hoping for a priest to come and save her. (He never did, and she always found out her way by herself.) She spent summer days reading on a sunny rock inside her backyard, while her very best friend Kitty (her cat) roamed the trees. After she was a teenager, she was humiliated by how far she's read, so she hid her novels behind adolescent magazines.

Jessica wrote her first book, a puzzle, at age 10, but unfortunately the manuscript got dropped before she could get it printed. She chose to write through her school years at the University of North Dakota and went on to get an M.F.A. from Creative Writing from Minnesota State University, Mankato. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin, with her husband--celebrity Jason Ruhl--along with her new kitty. (Kitty, sadly, has become buried next to her beloved trees.) Jessica has written over 50 books for young readers, both fiction and nonfiction. She's now at work on some thing.

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Flo Barnett

Throughout her professional career, Flo Barnett was a coach and daycare provider. She also taught elementary and kindergarten school for several years. Recently retired, Flo writes humorous tales for, and occasionally based on, the real life antics of her seven energetic cousin whom she loving refers to as "Grammy's Gang."

Most recently Ms. Barnett published the second book of her new series,Together In Peace And Harmony,"If I Were You And You're Me!" Geared for ages 3-6. Multi-generational and multicultural aspects of modern day families are presented in a humorous manner with a twist. The very first entry in this series, "Preschool Friends A-Z Around The World" (ages 2-5) introduces young children to racial and cultural diversity. It's Ms. Barnett's belief that when small ones are vulnerable to difference in a favorable feeling, they will naturally embrace instead of fear it.

Flo has also published nostalgic novellas geared toward ages 9-99. Topics such as abuse, abuse and lack of a loved ones are researched in a sensitive manner so as to empower her readers treat memories of the past, or to either confront with certainty and courage.

Flo resides near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania along with her hubby, Barry, along with her dog, Shadow.

Flo may be reached at: and onto Twitter @FloBarnett1

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Leslie Patricelli

"My Grandma was a pastel artist also, for so long as I could remember, an artist is what I wanted to become too," says children's author and illustrator Leslie Patricelli. "My hobby as a kid was drawing cartoons and writing stories, and I started to think about a career in art in seventh tier. After the multiple choice profession test I took led to a recommendation that I pursue a career in forestry, I went back and changed all my answers, so it was advocated instead that I pursue graphic style, which was the closest point to children's book writer or cartoonist on the listing."

Nowadays, Leslie Patricelli's legions of supporters will be proof that profession tests are not always dependable. Her vibrant trio of board novels about opposites -- YUMMY YUCKY, BIG LITTLE, and QUIET LOUD -- follows a diapered protagonist as he finds some curious contradictions, for example "ladies are big" while "ladybugs are small." Her inspiration for the series came from her son Beck who, at one year old, "was constantly putting everything into his mouth." Says the author, "I found myself saying 'Yummy!' And 'Yucky!' all the time. I began to draw a baby radically expressing his preference or distaste for those things he was ingesting. The idea of how YUMMY YUCKY was born!"

Her additional toddler publications in the collection, BINKY, BLANKIE, NO NO YES YES, BABY HAPPY BABY SAD, along with her latest novels -- TUBBY AND POTTY, were also predicated on her parenting adventures. "I'm inspired by how enthusiastic toddlers really are," she states. "I really like the way they're so tremendously focused on matters, and exhibit such intense emotions. It's simple to see the things that they care about the most."

Leslie Patricelli's beloved infant character jumped to star in his initial full-length picture book, THE BIRTHDAY BOX. She notes "I’t saw my children transform boxes into automobiles, boats, spaceshipsand hospital beds

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