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ROGAINE® will be the primary topical manufacturer FDA-approved to help regrow hair - in both women and men. With more than 20 decades of results and more than 20,000 people in clinical trials, ROGAINE® will be your #1 dermatologist-recommended brand for hair regrowth. ROGAINE® goods regrow hair in men and women with hereditary baldness, which accounts for over 90% of all hair loss.

  • Almost 9 out of 10 guys saw effects with Men's ROGAINE® FoamDecision
  • Girls's ROGAINE® Foam has been Demonstrated to regrow hair in 8 from 10 Women**
  • Girls's ROGAINE® Foam is your first an only once-daily baldness product for girls

ROGAINE® goods work in two manners: revitalizes hair follicles, and   regrows hairfollicles.

The active ingredient in ROGAINE® products, minoxidil, reactivates the hair's natural growth cycle by reinvigorating inactive hair follicles because of hereditary baldness. Over time, ROGAINE® goods will lower your baldness and regrow organic, thicker-looking hair.

It takes time to regrow hair naturallyloss. At first, hair development is usually soft, downy, colorless hairs, however with further use the newest hairs should be the same colour and thickeness as the other hairs on your scalp.

During the first couple weeks of use, there could be a temporary increase in baldness. This is a good sign and means that the new growth cycle is starting.

It's important to continue using ROGAINE® products every day to be able to maximize and preserve your own results.

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* (according to improvement or no worsening in hair condition self assessment in 4 months in an placebo-controlled clinical study (n=352));

** (At a 6-month placebo-controlle

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