The Best Hairy Bush - October 2020

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Carrie Breeze

Hi, I am Carrie Breeze - a author who loves to turn readers on with my stories. I focus in taboo stories involving love-hungry mothers. I get turned on, when you get turned on. So, if you enjoy my publications, please consider leaving a review (it will help!) .

I love you all and I really hope I could give each of you a huge hug in gratitude for the commitment and support.


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A.B. Summers

Hi! I am A.B. Summers, also I compose interesting, interesting, HOT stories! I love what I do, and now I have great pride in my job--from my ideas and writing to how I format and then present it. I never forget that people are paying for my job, and I work hard to make sure my readers can expect another from my novels:

1--Crisp, well-written prose.
2--Professional editing and formatting.
3--Original stories, interesting characters, and fun, thunderingly awesome sexual journeys.

I'd love to hear from you, so please do write to me in anytime, night or day. If you're too shy to chat, be sure you at least subscribe to my private, anonymous, never-to-be-disclosed email set in or so you never miss a brand new publication or a limited-time deal.

With ferocious love and sloppy kisses,

Your key lover,
Your personal partner,
Your companion,

--A.B. Summers

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