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Wise Owl Outfitters

Wise Owl Outfitters is a family owned and operated business situated right outside of Seattle, Washington. We are people the same as you! We really spend time in, and so are passionate about the outside. We love going to national parks and traveling every opportunity we get. Being gear junkies ourselves, we put a great deal of thought and attention to the design and functionality of our goods to be sure they have the maximum quality. We feel that our products are equally as great as any major brand out there and for a portion of the price.

As a family owned business we pride ourselves on offering the very best customer service you may find. You may contact us for any reason, even when you only want to discuss the outside. We're always available and will be certain that you receive 5-star customer service each moment!

Nothing makes us happier than watching somebody else with our merchandise. If we can make your day a bit better and the world just a little brighter by providing you a reason to get outside and experience our beautiful planet, then we've done our job. We can not wait to hear the way you're enjoying your equipment. We trust you give our products a go and don't neglect to go on an adventure every opportunity you get!

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While studying abroad in 2002, Jason Stoter discovered an entrepreneur selling hammocks on a beach in the West Coast of Mexico. A bargain was struck for Jason's very first hammock. Inspiration was instantly kindled along with a business concept was created. Once studies were complete, he  investigated hammocks from villages in the Yucatan peninsula in which they had been produced for generations. This is the beginning of Hammock Village.  

The upcoming few years provided exponential growth to the organization. This and several other highlights heralded the business name vary from Hammock Village into Vivere Ltd.. With a  primary focus on providing good high quality hammocks and accessories with superior customer  support, other product lines were created to develop the outdoor living category. New  contemporary designs, and vibrant distinctive colors continued to be a mainstay of the business.   Creating a needed and necessary foil for hectic lifestyles, Vivere Ltd desires to market leisure to calm 21st century anxieties. Now, shore, whether or not backyard, balcony or backpacking, Vivere Ltd. has been a passion for the outdoors and can aid in relaxation and rest.

Vivere -- Vivir -- To Live
Vivere was motivated during Jason's time in Mexico, 2002. Since that time, the "hammock" has  represented a balanced lifestyle which is a wonderful means to reside: Vivere!  

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Anthonio Akkermans

Born in the Netherlands, Anthonio analyzed wilderness skills from youth. Still a child himself, Anthonio found a youth-group which allowed children and teens to come out in the forests and learn earth-living skills once per week. This youth-group slowly evolved into a college called Wild-Live, based in the uk.

In the first days, he traveled frequently to quite a few states in the united states, Yukon lands, Israel and Turkey where he had more indigenous skills while still teaching what he already knew. He still loves traveling and regularly teaches primitive skills in the most exceptional surroundings.

An active author of articles for various publications, he published a book concerning earth-living skills entitled "Bushcraft Skills and How to Survive in the Wild", which can be sold world-wide.

When not instructing adults on his classes, Anthonio has other commitments. He teaches teens through various regional charities and shares skills in the archaeology department at Queens University Belfast and other crude ability expositions about the way our ancestors lived their lives through demonstrations and lectures. He reproduces a massive selection of artifacts for a variety of museums, universities and television businesses. On different occasions he's worked as consultant on television and radio programs. He enjoys learning new abilities on travels locally and in various terrains around the globe.

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David Cline

David Cline resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. In his spare time, if he is not traveling with his wife Emilee on one of his experiences, he will be found reading or playing with the piano. David is musician, an entrepreneur and investor. Maintain up to date at Http://

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Gary Majdell Sport

Gary Majdell Sport Inc. has been a leader in vogue with innovative men's and lady's swimwear, underwear, athletic wear and club wear since 1998. Born in his own mill, in design hot Montreal, Quebec, Gary Majdell brings top end fashion at producers' costs, after the most stringent levels of quality. Using a huge choice of selection and fashion, his garments are comfortable but sizzling hot, and also inspire confidence in everybody who respects them. Gary brings quality up to date cloths using a wealth of color and layout and creates a special garment targeted to those who care for upscale style. In addition, he showcases the trends from top designers at wholesale cost factors. He's without a doubt, a professional of this trade, in his vision and idea of men's and woman's wear for the time. Whether you're looking for swimwear, panties, t-shirts or work out wear he has something which will do the job for you. All products are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. Thank you for your patronage!

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Through time Baffin has produced a lineup of industry-leading footwear that plays in extreme conditions such as an ever-growing collection of faithful users and activities, such as snowmobiling, ice-fishing, searching, mushing and operating in industries like construction, oil, mining, and forestry, and outdoor winter recreation. As a result of this, Baffin has come to be the leader in apparel for all your cold weather needs.

In the early 90's Baffin realized that should they united their top molding technology using a foam-based inner boot system, they can create a new hybrid style of high performance footwear. Since then Baffin has created new materials and joined them in fresh innovative combinations. A good example is the unrivalled 8-layer combination of materials which are used in the boots which are ranked to get -100ºC (-148ºF).

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