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Happiness Advantage Principles Psychology Performance product image


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Real Happiness at Work Meditations for Accomplishment Achievement and Peace product image


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Unlocking Happiness Work Data driven Performance product image


Designing Your Work Life How to Thrive and Change and Find Happiness at Work product image


The Secrets to Happiness at Work How to Choose and Create Purpose and Fulfillment in Your Work product image


Get Better 15 Proven Practices to Build Effective Relationships at Work product image

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Jon Kjaer Nielsen

Author and Professional Speaker Jon Kjaer Nielsen holds a Master of Science in Engineering from 2002. On engineering business cultures instead of physical goods, his attention has been for the past ten years, and he is enthusiastic about producing workplaces that are happy and successful.

After a few years consulting, Jon joined the HR Department in a significant financial institution in 2005. He stopped again to work with Human Resources facing humans, not sitting behind a display at Head Office. Therefore, as speaker and a consultant, he has worked since 2006, traveling both his nation and the world. In 2015 we left his own innocent Denmark reside and to operate because a Digital Nomad.

Jon comes from Denmark, labeled the happiest country in the whole world. During conferences on happiness at motivation, leadership and work held at more than 500 firms in a dozen states over 20,000 individuals have motivated to become pleased at work 𠄾njoys the Danes. In London he also gave a talk at the TEDxSquareMile seminar in October 2012, teaching the world to be more happy and consequentlyeffective.

Jon travels the Earth, bringing happiness to these people. He reads a whole lot, loves to rides, rides motorcycles and denies drinking while enjoying life to heavily.

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David Rock

I have been interested in 'what makes us tick' since as early as I can remember, and my personal interest in brain research has been around since my teens.

Back in 2004 I found that brain research given a missing part in our understanding of how to become more effective leaders, coaches or supervisors. I have written three novels based on what I've been learning, the text novel Training together with the Brain in Mind, including Quiet Leadership, and Your Brain at Work.

I coined the expression 'NeuroLeadership' at 2007, and am currently closely involved in running a worldwide Institute that is involved in research and education about how to improve associations through the use of neuroscience. Learn more on that at I also run a consulting and training organization in

I maintain a busy private site at, in addition to posting frequently on psychology today, on a site called 'Your Brain at Work'.

I live between Sydney Australia along with new york, and also have a superb wife and two beautiful young girls.

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