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Energizer  produces long-lasting and innovative battery, portable power and lighting solutions which also help to decrease impact on Earth.   From technological advances like increasing the usage of recycled batteries to generating reliable handheld and hands-free lighting alternatives, Energizer is committed to advancements that give our clients both accountable and intelligent energy solutions.  

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Jay Mathews

Jay Mathews has generated the annual America's Most Difficult High Schools rankings of the Post and is a Washington Post education columnist. He's won several prizes, including the Benjamin Fine Award for Outstanding Education Reporting for both features and column writing, and so is the author of eight books, such as Escalante: The Best Teacher in America, about the teacher who had been immortalized in the film Stand and Deliver, and Work Hard. Be Nice, concerning the rise of the KIPP charter school network. Release the untapped potential of children and he has spoken to deliver challenging lessons to all pupils.

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