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Princeton Tec

Since 1975, New Jersey-based Princeton Tec's goal is to provide top notch outdoor lighting products into the outside, bike, industrial, tactical, and SCUBA industries. The organization is an American manufacturer, and through the years has built a strong reputation with dealers and clients for their superior and reliable lights. For more information regarding Princeton Tec, please see: //

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Martin Walker

Former foreign correspondent at USSR, USA, Europe and Africa for the Guardian (UK), author of histories of the Cold War and 20th century USA, and Also of studies of Gorbachev, Clinton, the extreme right.

I write mystery stories set in the Perigord region of rural France, home of truffles, foie gras, wonderful cheeses and amazing wines.
In 2013, I was made a chevalier of foie gras, in the confrerie of pate de Perigueux, and also an honorary Ambassador of the Perigord, so I get to accompany the traveling exhibition of the Lascaux cave as it goes on display at museums around the globe. I also help encourage the wines of Bergerac in international wine fairs, and was chairman of the jury for this year's Prix Ragueneau, the international culinary prize,
The hero of my puzzle stories is Bruno, a French nation policeman and soldier who was injured while serving it UN peacekeepers during the siege of Sarajevo. Bruno hunts, hamburgers, strives never to detain anyone and, hates to take his rifle (but occasionally must. He enjoys his horse his hound and a array of ladies.
The Perigord additionally contains more medieval castles per square kilometre than anywhere else on earth and is home to the ancient paintings of the Lascaux cave. Most of what we understand of prehistory stems from this valley of this river Vezere, where humans have lived for a few 70,000 decades or longer. Devoted to the area and also his adopted home of this small city of St Denis, Bruno understands our ancestors picked this place

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