The Best Headlamp V2 - January 2020

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Armytek Wizard Pro XM L2 Headlamp product image


Armytek Wizard Pro V2 Headlamp product image


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Vision Bike Light Extra Battery product image


Armytek Brightest Rechargeable Headlamp Headlight product image


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EXCELLENT 2600mAh Capacity Rechargeable Batteries product image


Spec D Tuning 2LHP TBLZ02 V2 RS Trailblazer Headlights product image


Spec D Tuning 2LHP DEN07JM V2 TM Projector Headlights product image


Armytek Wizard XM L2 Neutral Headlamp product image

Top Headlamp V2 Brands

Magnus Innovation

Magnus Gear was made by three normal friends with a very simple life philosophy: "Outperform Your Limits."   We believe each day is an opportunity to become a bigger version of yourself -  daily, each ride, and every pedal at one time.   Our mission   is to provide you with the very best cycling gear to do this objective.

Our equipment are constructed out of premium material to be sturdy, intuitively intended to be easy to use, and vigorously examined to be ready for any road or mountain terrains. Each product carries a simple guarantee - Performance That Last. We built all our equipment to continue through almost any riding environments and outperform any opponents. Plus we endorsed every equipment with the very best lifetime guarantee in the business. Enjoy it or your money-back guarantee!

Our Values:

  1. Think win-win -  create meaningful connections
  2. Open-minded -  victory isn't final
  3. Integrity -  state what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you say you'll do
  4. Put others first - seek first to Comprehend, then to be understood
  5. Never failure - only feedback to innovate, simplify, and improve
  6. Give frequently -  always give with never remembering, and constantly receive with never forgetting 

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