The Best Healing Pendulum Book - January 2021

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Pendulum Healing Circling Relationships Self Expression ebook product image


Pendulum Healing Handbook Shangri Walter ebook product image


Pendulum Master Erich Hunter Ph D product image


Beginners Guide Pendulum Dowsing ebook product image


Best Seller
Healers Manual Beginners Yourself Llewellyns product image


How Heal Pendulum Erich Hunter ebook product image


Great Pendulum Book Petra Sonnenberg product image


Big Little Book Magick Pendulums ebook product image


Pendulum Energy Healing Galene Munroes ebook product image


PENDULUM DOWSING Pendulum Beginners divination ebook product image

Top Healing Pendulum Book Brands

Brenda Hunt

From a very long line of healers around the West Coast of Ireland, Brenda has worked for 15 decades with healing crystals and a dowsing pendulum and is a member of the British Society of Dowsers.

She regularly gives talks and classes on dowsing, vibrational remedies, crystal healing and colour healing in addition to writing novels, charts and articles on lots of other remedies and nutrition.

Her intent is to introduce people to new areas, helping them to divide the hidden codes of fresh topics, whether they are in the areas of other theraphy and recovery, creative topics like craft and jewellery manufacturing or the life altering journey of starting and running a little business.

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Erich Hunter

Dedicated to spiritual and esoteric healing modalities, Dr. Hunter has created a exceptional healing booster that transforms body, mind, and soul.

After working for more than a decade as a Ph.D researcher, and award winning educator in area of this Biological Sciences, he completely awakened to his religious path and made a significant life transition into accompany his calling as a healer. While on his honeymoon in Bali, a respected healer who realized his healing gifts initiated into the healing arts him.

Upon his return to California, his life turned into a quest for researching, practicing, and now teaching the most effective and unconventional recovery methods dating back to the 1400’s. Bringing the noble soul of scientific inquiry into his instinctive wizardry, Dr. Hunter combines the best of both worlds using a compassionate and compassionate strategy.

Originally from New York, he resides with his spouse from Ojai, California. He loves taking walks in nature, bike riding, researching esoteric healing techniques, science, and spiritual service.

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Maggie Percy

Her husband Nigel and Maggie Percy have been co-owners of all Sixth Sense Solutions, founded in 2001. They are authors of over 20 publications on subjects and provide instruction, with specialties in healing, space clearing animal care and dowsing. Learn more about their imprint Sixth Sense Books at

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D.J. Conway

A native of the Pacific Northwest, author D.J. Conway has analyzed the occult areas for more than 50 decades. Born in 1939, at Hood River, Oregon to a family of Irish, North Germanic, and Native American decent, her pursuit for understanding has covered every part of Paganism, Wicca, New Age, along with Eastern representations; to add history, the magickal arts, philosophies habits, mythologies and folklore. In 1998 she was voted Best New Age writer and a magazine, by Silver Chalice. Back in 2006, Elemental Magick, her publication, was a finalist for a COVR award, and she's been featured on television shows such as Journey with Brenda Roberts.

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