The Best Healthy Lunch Box Ideas - June 2020

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Alison Jones

When it comes to healthy eating, dieting and more healthy foods, then there are few experts passionate than Alison Jones. She is currently working a collection of e-books on those subjects, and she is very excited to share her knowledge, enthusiasm and excitement for those people who are seriously interested in getting on track through excellent eating customs to a healthier lifestyle.
When she’s not fermenting vegetables or writing, she enjoys taking pictures of her Chihuahua, Phoebe.

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Makiko Itoh

Makiko (Maki) Itoh first became conscious of her deep rooted love for the food of her home state, Japan, once she moved far away. Living in a location with limited access to ingredients, she started to improvise ways to recreate the flavors of her youth. Her first food site,, was created consequently.

A couple of years after she became obsessed with bento box lunches, those streamlined portable meals her mum used to make for her to deliver to college back into Tokyo. Convinced that healthful, yummy more-than-a-sandwich-in-a-brown-bag meals are popular around the world, she started another food blog 2007 called

A former graphic and web programmer and technology writer, she plans the subject of food and cooking instruction in much the identical way as tackling a programming issue, breaking it down into manageable components and presenting the steps systematically. Ever a nomad, after living in Japan, the U.S., the U.K. and Switzerland, she now lives in a village in southern France with her husband, aka "The Guy".

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Alisa Marie Fleming

Alisa Fleming is the creator of, the world's largest informational site on dairy-free living, with over 1 million people per year. In combination with the Site, she published the diet book, Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Tours, Lactose Intolerance, and.

Past Go Dairy Free, Alisa is a distinctive dietary freelance writer for several publications, recipe developer, and representative for various natural food companies. Her specialties expand to dietary requirements like soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, as well as vegetarian.

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Lisa Richard


I am Lisa, and I am enthusiastic about cooking. I am also very health conscious, therefore I really listen to everything I put into my body.

Being healthy is always the top priority in existence. That's why I spend most of my (infrequent) spare time researching nutrition, cooking and exercising. I think cooking healthy meals for my friends and family is both a joy and also my responsability.

But I am also a very busy girl, also finding the time to cook is a struggle. The desire to grab a bite, or any junk food is everywhere so that I decided I needed to have some thing to allow me to be disciplined.

As a result of my study, I created several recipes which are just convenient and delicious. Today, I'd like to share with one of my simple and healthful recipes, to help active folks eat "great food" meals.

I really hope I will help making your life more convenient, and much more healthy. If you would like to contact me, then please don't hesitate. I'll be very pleased to hear from you personally.

Take good care.



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