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Top Healthy Paleo Nut Snack Brands

JOJO's Chocolate

JOJO's Story:

In May 2012 Jodie Jones (JoJo) has been diagnosed with breast cancer. After Chemotherapy and radiation treatment she was left with Lymphedema, body aches, along with extreme sugar cravings.     She needed badly for her own body to feel healthy and alive again. She tried lots of bites and simply could not locate anything which tasted great, satisfied her sweet tooth, and had been wholesome. She started experimenting in her very own kitchen. After much trial and error, she created the very first ever dark chocolate snack with added protein. It not only kicked off her sugar cravings, but it was delicious! And the entire family LOVED it! Shortly after she created her delicious healthier snack her son tried it, and then fell in love with it. He knew his mother had made something special. He experimented in CrossFit contests, in which they would quickly sell out. Then he went into yoga studios, local health food stores, neighborhood health clubs, and recently have looked on QVC.  

About the ingredients:

JOJO's Chocolate bark is made up of: a natural 70% dark chocolate, blended with an all-natural NON-GMO casein protein, raw almonds, raw pistachios, and topped off with sweet dried cranberries. This easy but delicious chocolate berry is nutritious with only 8g of sugar whereas having 5g of protein; to not mention is packed with iron, magnesium, and antioxidants. The 5 main ingredients are blended to perfection, creating a chewy + crunchy bite which really does taste good.

JoJo combined the dark chocolate with the organic casein protein to keep her fuller and satisfied more. JOJO's isn't a protein bar with chocolate, rather than a chocolate candy bar filled with sugar. JOJO's is the perfect in between chocolate bite for all those looking to satisfy their sugar cravings.  

Because you can see, all these healthy ingredients make a nutritious AND good tasting snack. Try JOJO'

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