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Cathy Fisher

Cathy Fisher is the inventor of the site “Straight Up Food,” featuring articles and recipes on eating a 100 percent healthful diet free of added oil, salt, and sugarlevels Cathy was teaching cooking classes at Santa Rosa, California since 2010 in TrueNorth Health Center (based on Alan Goldhamer, D.C.) along with also the renowned McDougall Program (based on John McDougall, M.D.). She's also a contributor and editor for Health Science, the member magazine for its nonprofit organization, the National Health Association.

Cathy’s recipes have been featured in the books: "The Campbell Plan" by Thomas Campbell, M.D., co-author of "The China Study"; "Color Me Vegan" by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau; along with "Nutrition CHAMPS" by Jill Nussinow, M.S., R.D., and "The Plant-Based Life" by Micaela Cook Karlsen. Cathy’s recipes and articles appear on the websites,, and

Cathy earned degrees in psychology and early childhood education, teaching college and after moving into magazine publishing. After her company career in publishing, then she decided to begin working for herself as a writer and editor, and also began working to the McDougall Program, headed by means of medical expert, Dr. John McDougall. She eventually turned into a cooking instructor at the program, in addition to at TrueNorth Health Center. All of her culinary training is self-taught. Cathy began eating a plant-based diet 1999 in an effort to ease her regular and painful stomach aches because of dairy foods. She is committed to positively affecting the health and welfare of people, animals, and the environment through her recipes, writing, and teaching.

Cathy self-published her first publication, the "Straight Up Food" cookbook in October of 2016, using raised over $68,000 on Kickstarter because of its production. Cathy States, 

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