The Best Heavy Duty Tire Gage - June 2021

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Bluecell World Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge Straight on Foot Dual Head Chucks Auto Service product image


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CZC AUTO Tire Pressure Gauge Straight on Foot Dual Head Chucks Auto Service Gage Heavy Duty product image


CZC AUTO Straight 10 150PSI 100 1000KPa product image


Rhino USA Heavy Pressure Gauge product image


AstroAI Digital Pressure Stainless Flashlight product image


Milton Heavy Duty Digital Pressure Inflator product image


CZC AUTO Heavy Duty Tire Pressure Gauge Reader Checker 0 60PSI ANSI B40 1 Accurate Mechanical product image


Accu Gage by Milton Dial Tire Pressure Gauge with Dual Foot Air Chuck and 11 in Rubber Hose product image


CZC AUTO Accurate Mechanical Motorcycle product image

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G.H. Meiser & Co., founded in 1906, has a long history of excellent production in the tire gauge and accessory discipline. Known for their place on accuracy and rugged construction, the line of bicycle gauges is a standout in an field. All of our goods arrive backed with our standard lifetime warranty, if it be for replacement parts, or complete recalibration.

Situated in Posen IL, G.H. Meiser & Co. produces, distributes, evaluations, assembles, and services the finest high quality tire indicators in the business.

All of our dial tire indicators are ANSI Commercial Grade B gauges (satisfies ANSI B40.1 Grade B specifications). Unlike piston-plunger-type gauges, changes in temperature, humidity, altitude or air flow contaminants not affect the tube movement.

The precision evaluation is ± 2% by 30% to 60 percent of scale and ± 3% under 30% and over 60%.

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