The Best Herbal Tea Sets - March 2021

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Top Herbal Tea Sets Brands

Wissotzky Tea

Our Journey

For over 160 years and 5 generations Wissotzky Tea has handcrafted our premium tea mixes having a passion and dedication to creating an outstanding tea drinking experience. All our premium teas provides full-bodied exceptional flavor, rich and strong flavor & inspiring mixes infused with exotic and comfortable spices, citrus & blossoms.

Every Wissotzky Tea journey begins in the rolling hills of the planet's greatest Tea Plantations in which the scene is blanketed with an artful display of tea leaves lazily swaying below the golden sun. We source and hand select only the best tea leaves and start to carefully craft our Wissotzky Teas. It is a labor of love that honors our family's background, commitment and passion to providing you with an extraordinary tea drinking experience.

Signature Collection

Our Wissotzky Tea Signature Collection are handcrafted using Whole Loose Leaf & Semi Loose Leaf Tea acquired and hand selected out of excellent tea plantations across theworld. Hand blended with blossoms, citrus and spices, our Signature Teas are then carefully sealed in silkpyramids where when brewed, softly blossom coming into life in full&timid;bodied taste and intoxicating aroma.Each cup artful with rich and deep tones of natural colours. Each cup easy extraordinary.

Redefine Tea Time with Wissotzky Tea.

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Harney & Sons

Ten years ago from Salisbury, Connecticut, the owner of the early White Hart Inn, John Harney, developed a passion for good teas. Serving his distinctive combinations to Inn guests, he soon found they were coming back for more. He chose to follow his passion and make tea his small business. In 1983 he began blending tea from the basement of his house and Harney & Sons Fine Teas had been first born.

What began as a small business run from your home, is currently a global operation, headquartered in Millerton, New York. Still believing in the principles that John Harney embraced, Harney & Sons Fine Teas resources, blends, and bundles its' broad line of teas from begin to finish.  

Still family owned and operated, Harney & Sons Fine Teas is committed to providing customers the finest high quality tea possible.

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Celestial Seasonings

Celestial Seasonings has been producing delicious specialty teas that are good for you and good for the world since 1969. Experience more than 70 natural kinds of green, herbal, wellness, Rooibos, vacation and chai teas, and our new all-natural Shots for sleep and energy.

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Tea Forte

Tea Forté is the award winning worldwide luxury tea firm enjoyed in over 35 nations where it is   presented at leading resorts, restaurants, prestige resorts and retailers.   Known as the tea experience for unparalleled quality and its own variety of handmade teas accessories, beautiful packaging and luxuriant approach, Tea Forté is the definitive cup of tea.   Complex and diverse combinations please the palate and are offered as ranges of loose leaf teas on the world's greatest tables and in the tasteful, touch leaf-topped, pyramid infuser that is handcrafted. Tea Forté is chosen as the House Purveyor of premium teas for the James Beard Foundation.

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Rooibos Rocks

Rooibos Rocks

Rooibos Rocks red bush tea is very distinctive as the soul of South Africa; founders Madeleine and Christopher believe it is a story worth mentioning. It is why they want to tell the world about this Extraordinary tea, by combining its culture and history in a fun and tasty (and typically South African) way:

It began with love and a mad thought...

After our first visit to South Africa within our honeymoon, we had no notion that two weeks would become a brand new life a couple of decades after.   "In love with the natural beauty of South Africa and its people, we're hooked and decided to make South Africa our home". Raised in the UK where tea is a method of life, we discovered everybody was drinking Rooibos tea, and Maddie (who was five weeks pregnant at the time) found that this yummy local favourite is obviously caffeine-free, wholesome and enjoyed by all, from the young to the young in heart and everyone in between.

Rooibos Rocks will be proud to be different

It began with getting the title right of course. Rooibos -- pronounced 'roy-boss' - means 'red tea', and its own unique, buttery flavor is refreshing, naturally sweet with no bitter flavor.   Grown nowhere else on the planet, we understood it was a tea worth yelling about -- out of its own heritage and flavor, to the people who grow it.   Rooibos Rocks is all about bringing the very best rooibos to the marketplace through sourcing premium quality organic tea that supports the farmers who produce it and their families too.   And since it is sustainably and ethically developed in the uncontrolled Cederberg mountains, it's kind to people and our world.

Delicious, healthy tea for everyone to enjoy

We love healthful living, and it is why we're enthusiastic about Rooibos.

Join our herd and then spread the word!

Madeleine along with Christopher Stokes

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Tiesta Tea

Launched in 2010, Tiesta Tea found flavorful and functional blends that help you energize, slenderize, remain youthful, boost immunity and relax. These five acts help you to stay loose. Living Loose is living fearlessly with a feeling of experience and enthusiasm. It is taking a minute to maintain the present time. Living Loose is going to be free to be you and not sweat the little stuff. Living loose isn't nearly tea. It's about community. It is all about accepting, inspiring, and assisting each other. It is about improving every day's adventures and enhancing the world around us. Locate your flavors and functions that allow you to dwell loose.

  • ENERGIZER: The Energizer Blends include black and maté teas, that help you deal with fatigue, giving you a mental and physical boost.
  • SLENDERIZER: Your Slenderizer Blends include green and green tea that suppress your appetite and enhance your metabolism, helping you keep a wholesome weight.
  • ETERNITY: The Eternity Blends include white, green, and herbal teas having plenty of superfruits and antioxidants to help the body deal with the consequences of aging.
  • IMMUNITY: The Immunity Blends include rooibos and herbal teas, which help you recuperate by ridding your body with a number of minerals and vitamins.
  • RELAXER: The Relaxer Blends contain herbal and rooibos teas with numerous ingredients which make relaxing consequences for the body and head.

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