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Tessa Layne

Hi, I'm Tessa Layne and I compose smokin' hot cowboy romances. I enjoy writing about clever ladies, and the tough guys who fall head over heels for them. Along the way you'll have to satisfy the Sinclaire family who've been ranching for 150 years and that helped build Kansas, Prairie. You will meet the Hansen Family, who raise Palominos, and who have been in the Flint Hills. You meet with the Graces- Matriarch Dottie who runs her four wild daughters along with the local diner.

Please join my email list at for exclusive updates, previews, along with other offers. You can find me hanging out at my FB reader collection The Prairie Posse or using a whole lot of other modern western authors and readers at Cowboy Crazy- Fans of Contemporary Western Romance Group.

A bit about me- that I grew up in Colorado from the mountains in the edge of the Great Plains. There, I fulfilled my own smokin' Cowboy and we had a whirlwind love. I believe in clean country air, enjoy fireflies, horses, and Happily Ever Afters. My favourite thing would be to sit with a glass of Rose, listening to my Cowboy laps his guitar!

Thank you for stopping by! Feel free to drop me a a point- I really like to hear from my viewers!

Some FAQs about my novels:

Q: What makes the Cowboys of the Flint Hills show special?
Cowboys of the Flint Hills is a modern western romance set that adopts small city life in the core of the wild west. It’s rooted in history and place, and also also the weather is as wily and unpredictable since a few of the characters. In this romance series that is western that is modern, I highlight everything I enjoy about living in a little town in the west: family, community, kindness, & esteem. The setting provides an exciting background to contemporary romances about cowboys with tender hearts and also the powerful, sassy women that love them.

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