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C.J. Hill

CJ Hill is a pen name for a YA author who's famous for writing romantic comedies. (Slayers will be her 18th printed book.) Her writing has changed so her editor believed that the pen name could be a good idea. (New books will include: hazardous dragons, time travel to dystopian worlds, and flesh-eating beetles.) Since the publisher refused to let her have the pseudonym : '' The Artist Formerly known as Princess, she chose a title to honor her mom. CJ Hill was her mother’s pencil name, or at least it could have been when her mom had published. Her mom wrote a couple of kids’s novels plus a middle grade book but had been taken by cancer before she had fully learned the craft.

(Most writers’ first novels aren’t publishable. #x 2019, CJ Junior &;s first publication wasn’t, however somehow was published. In which she is taunted by it's with its badness though it's out of print, then it remains available on Amazon. This was another fantastic reason to use a pen name.)
CJ Hill has five children, three of whom like her on any given day depending on who is in trouble. She hopes that her garden will grow silver bells and cockle shells or maybe only tomatoes and has lived in Arizona but is still in desert refusal.

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