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Ronan Kim

I was raised in Northern Nevada off the grid in a little desert town. We had a twenty five foot tall antennae along with a little generator, therefore watching TV has been lots of work. We just got three channels and they have been just clear if we used a pipe wrench to turn the antennae in only the right direction. As you can imagine most of the time it was just simpler to read a novel.

Once I was ten I devoured Jack London, Tolkien, and Dumas. For a while I had been obsessed with White Fang. I'd bring home stray dogs also was constantly disappointed by their then epic behavior. 1 day a bunch of coyotes was so that I booted up a tree together with the puppy in my arms to shield it. The whole time it attempted to bite me twist loose, that is about the time that I gave up on Jack London and his noble canines.

Once I turned twelve I had been a rabid Republican. I devoured Hemingway, then Dostoevsky Ayn Rand. 1 day coming home from school walking across a parcel of sagebrush I had a brilliant insight into the human state. The purpose of life was to serve the self all terrific altruists were just pleasing themselves in exactly the exact same way all the great industrialists were. I attempted to convince everybody I knew to adopt supply side economics to renounce socialism and to embrace the person and his fight for self actualization.

Once I was two I was introduced to Jack Kerouc, Tom Robbins, and John Kennedy Toole. Somehow I became a radical anarchist. I really the football team and grew my hair long. My friends and I got drunk when we can, but it was a whole lot easier to find meth, thus we smoked it and pulled, played with guitar and composed terrible poetry.

Once I was sixteen my dad went mad. His 1976 Datsun 280 Z that was grey was inherited by me. The passenger door didn't work so I had to climb in through the window. The front left had been detached so I could slow down when I wished to make a perfect turn. I found Hunter S. Thompson, Tom Wolf and Ken Kesey,

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Jason Campagna

Jason Campagna is a native of Western Pennsylvania where he left his living in government and politics.

His degree is in Communications in Pikeville College in Eastern Kentucky. He's presently finishing a Master's degree at Murray State University.

Today, he resides in Erie, Pennsylvania with his wife and two Siamese cats. He's taken up the hobby of fermenting various types of mead, since moving to Erie.

"Despite being educated in literature, so I am never likely to hope to those criteria of writing. In my own reading, I have a tendency to skip page descriptions of breakfast. I hope to provide my readers enjoyable plot. If I'm likely to succeed or fail, allow it to be on this benchmark"

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