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Mia Gordon

I'm a writer, consultant, educator and flying enthusiast. I've spent fifteen years working in the internet advertising and consulting business in which I was privileged to learn from a number of wonderful copywriters, and online marketers.

In 2015 I picked out of this busy business sphere, (Adwords, SEO and CRO optimization) to reestablish my passion for writing (pardon the pun).

For an insatiably curious individual I still keep up to date with everything that is happening online in the online marketing world, but rather than working in a team workplace environment, I now opt to teach folks how to prevent the various time and $$ stink cubes even experienced marketers can fall into, and how to delight in a (largely) passive or better than full time income online.

Oh. . And that I also love making homemade and chamomile skincare solutions!

Favorite quote: "In case you alter how you look at things, the things you look at change."

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Jules Aron

The Best-selling author of Zen and Tonic: Savory and Fresh Cocktails for its Enlightened Drinker and Vegan Cheese Delicious, Plant-Based Cheese Recipes, Jules Aron is a climbing author in the fields of nutrition, beauty, and health.

As a holistic health and wellbeing coach, along with green lifestyle specialist, Aron is profoundly passionate about a healthy, healthy lifestyle that contains delicious, healthy foods that fuel your body, mind and soul.

She holds a Masters degree from New York University, is a Certified Yoga, Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and it is a Licensed Health & Nutrition Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Aron has been featured in Well + Great NYC, The Today Show, The NY Post and Mind Body Green and is a frequent contributor to Woman's World Mag and other fitness and wellness publications.

To keep in the know on particular occasions and for more yummy recipes see her in

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WaraWaran Roongruangsri

WaraWaran Roongruangsri is a licensed food expert and nutritionist. She is famous for her expertise in wholesome living, food nutrition and organic diet that allow the woman to lead a more well balanced way of life.

Because the nourishment and health specialist, WaraWaran shares dependable, practical, and simple to follow information that helps people eat better, stay healthy, and lead more fulfilling lives.

She believes that it is never too early to start and it is never too late to make a wholesome lifestyle.

A wise man once said...
To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art
- Francois de la Rochefoucauld

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Pamesh Y

ADISH BOOKS is a strong proponent of natural and nature products. It’s easy and straight forward doctrine is to inspire and aware individuals to adopt natural and wholesome life style, which will disperse wellness and happiness . It is trying to produce books that will be informative nonjudgmental, and also will suggest natural options to practices.

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Kathy Aquino

Kathy Aquino is a author that has been interested in holistic and alternative healing methods for quite a long time. She personally used oils to eventually overcome her very own allergies. She writes about nourishment, alternatives to commercial beauty products, and health through nutrition and supplements.

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