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Enemy Hands Honor Harrington Book ebook product image


BADGE HONOR Williams Westerns Western ebook product image


Brothers Valor Man War Book ebook product image


Love Honor Story Undercover Daughter ebook product image


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Bound Honor Blood Mafia Chronicles ebook product image


Honor Death Siobhan Dunmoore Book ebook product image


Flag Exile Honor Harrington Book ebook product image


Men Blue Badge Honor Book ebook product image


Honor Jessi Kirby ebook product image


Casino Love Honor Las Vegas ebook product image

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Cora Reilly

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I'm an author of romance and new adult novels, and I live with too many pets and just 1 husband in a city where it rains too often. I'm a fan of books, wine and good food and I'm hopelessly addicted to Dexter, Californication, Sherlock and Big Bang Theory.

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Eric Thomson

Eric Thomson is the pen name of the Army Reserve, either at the Army and a Canadian soldier with decades of service. He also spent his Army career from the Armoured Corps in the Infantry and his Reserve service. Before retiring to be a full-time writer, he worked as an Information Technology expert for several decades.

Eric has become a voracious reader of science-fiction, army history and fiction all of his life. He assiduously devoured the Army reading record that was advocated from his younger days and still sometimes yields. He put hands and started composing his own army sci-fi, with a space opera slant, with many of his own experiences as a soldier as an inspiration for characters and his stories.

When he is not writing fiction, Eric indulges in his other passions: photography, hiking and scuba diving, all of which he is shared with his wife, who likes to call herself his #1 fan, for more than thirty years.

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Dayton Ward

In case you & #x 2019; re reading this, then chances are you & #x 2019; ve read among my novels or are currently contemplating doing so. Or, maybe you just clicked to something by mistake while in your way.

Doesn’t matter. Welcome!

S…around me. Yeah…well, you see, it’s similar to this: Until recently, I had been a software programmer and analyst, having become a slave to Corporate America after spending eleven years in the U.S. Marine Corps. Why did I join the army? Pretty easy. #x & I2019;d gotten tired of people telling me and was searching for a change.


In fact, I joined for a couple of different reasons, by carrying on a family tradition to needing a struggle unlike anything else I’d confronted to that point to simpler things like simply wanting to see the entire world. I’m pleased with my time spent in uniform. I gave Uncle Sam eleven years, and he gave me a very very long list of skills and experiences which have continued to serve this day with me. I think I got the better end of that deal by a rather wide margin.

In September 2014, I said goodbye to my day job and embarked on a bold new trip as a full-time writer.

Although I’t written a whole lot of short stories and novels in my, I’t written much more in collaboration with my friend and fellow author, Kevin Dilmore. What types of stories do I really like to write? Pretty much the kind I like to see: Engaging people with fascinating characters. For you to decide in crafting stories that meet those 11, whether I succeed would be.

I compose articles for magazines and internet sites as the opportunities arise. You’ll find my stuff in Star Trek Magazine and on sites like and #x 2019, I &;m also a frequent contributor to some “#x 2019 & author;s website” called “Novel Spaces,” having an

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Robert J. Thomas

Robert J. Thomas #1 Bestselling Writer in Westerns!

Robert J. Thomas started working in the City of Westland, Michigan, in September of 1970. In 1990, he had been sworn in as the City's fulltime Mayor. He won two reelection campaigns.

His proudest accomplishment though, is his western show containing the character Jess Williams. He published and has written over 50 publications in the series to date. He plans on continuing to write as many novels in the show. He was chosen for 3 months at a row in 2014 as a KDP Select All-Star Writer of the Month.

Kindle has enabled him to carry on with the Jess Williams series along with all his efforts will be centered on that series alone for the upcoming few years. He released #58 Chasing Evil, from the Jess Williams Western Series titled. He has ranked in the top 100 writers in his genre for the past few decades.

Retired, he currently resides in Mississippi, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico along with his beautiful wife Jill. At his work table, he has a remarkable view of the ocean while he continues to compose Jess Williams adventures for his readers to enjoy!

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