The Best Horror Novels 2016 - August 2020

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Terminal Collection Novellas Adam Booth product image


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Father Lies Supernatural Disturbing Trilogy product image


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Known Horror Liam W Russell ebook product image


Isaac Spiders Portal Novellas Book ebook product image


Farm Novella Tale Horror Suspense ebook product image


Devils Nightmare 1 Robert Pruneda product image


Ari Each His Ghost paranormal ebook product image


Best Seller
Haunting Ashburn House Darcy Coates product image


Volunteer Duology Book ebook product image

Top Horror Novels 2016 Brands

Sarah Northwood

Sarah Northwood is a multi-talented writer, who not only writes poetry but is a dab hand at composing music also. Her love and passion for poetry is not more prominent compared to her forthcoming first launch from Planet "Unicorns are genuine and other poems that are cool." More recently Sarah has just completed her first novel "Inner Voice" that, being an intimate novel, shows her versitility as a writer. "Growing up in a tiny town, I had been surrounded by animals and a loving family. But I never really knew what I needed to be when I was old. I’ve spent most of my working career working in science before a brand new life beckoned. Rather than growing up, I think! I'm a Wife and Mum to two lovely girls, that rock my world, they inspire me every day. I like writing stories for children and grownups. Specifically I’m a fan of love, rhyme, poetry and writing tunes. In addition I work part time in my local college, which I adore! I have a nimble company, Charlie, who's my own King Charles spaniel. Wherever my experiences take me, he is by my side"

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Darcy Coates

Is a USA Today bestselling author. She loves suspense graveyards, puzzles and haunted houses - along with her novels reflect each one of these passions.

She resides on the Central Coast of Australia. You can find her on a bushwalk, exploring local legends or spending all afternoon at the library, when she's not writing.

Darcy co-habitates together with three cats and two people. As much as she would prefer a cat, she knows that would be treading dangerously near territory.

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Thomas Rose

Thomas Rose lives in Canberra, Australia with his wife Kira.

As well as being a self-published writer of dystopian and terror fiction, '' he also spends his own time.

When he isn’t composing, '' he’s rock climbing or wandering the streets late in the night, searching for another parcel of inspiration.

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S. M. Boyce

Writer of haunting from the world. Specializes in adventure.

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Natalie J. Case

Natalie Case was created telling stories, so if requested, she says. Results have been her first love and that she climbed up discovering methods to put words together to tell tales. Known to occasionally commit random acts of poetry, Natalie primarily dabbles in worlds in which magic exists, where vampires and shape-shifters discuss page time with demons and gods and personalities which are born inside her head find themselves struggling in a world made actual through the magic of words.

Refusing to be confined to a single celebrity, Natalie's present works in progress span, and at times combine, horror, fantasy, sci-fi and more.

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Christopher Motz

Christopher Motz climbed up on a steady diet of horror and science fiction from some of the genres heavyweights: Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, Richard Laymon, William Hope Hodgson, Ray Bradbury, and Peter Straub. In a young age, Christopher was an avid reader and always had the aim to one day release his job.

His debut book, “The Darkening,” marks the beginning of a journey that has been years in the building, but it’s just 1 step forward. The joy in writing is not knowing how it & #x2019; ll all turn out in the long run, or exactly where the journey will take you, where you will be led by your characters.

This writer’s story has not yet been written.

Christopher grew up in a little city in Pennsylvania, and his work mirrors that method of life. His job was peppered with his own memories of growing up, the friends he had. It makes for a very authentic feeling in his stories and makes a touchstone for many others who have similar memories of the childhood.

While he performs all his time composing, Christopher still finds time to research his favourite authors, together with up-and-comers in a variety of genres. “the best method to be a writer is to be a great reader. ”

Exterior of composing, Christopher is a avid collector of classic rock and heavy metal records, and also for the last twenty years is a drummer in a variety of distinct bands. In 2011 he married his High School sweetheart, and together with puppy and his step-daughter has begun a brand new chapter of the small-town narrative.

With two books, a novella, and a short story published in a recent anthology (2017), there’s no telling where this particular story goes, but you're well appointed invited to come along for the ride and watch for yourself.

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Adam M. Booth

Adam M Booth is a writer of weird and horror fiction. His work consists of zombie horror THE contemporary gothic horror ANGELA, along with his thriller, DRIVE.

All 3 novellas are available now available in 1 volume as a portion of the collection TERMINAL.

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Liam W. Russell

Liam W. Russell enjoys life in the West Coast, also has lots of fun writing imaginative stories and tasting great wine. Often at precisely the exact same moment. He has penned two novels so much: his debut book, the paranormal thriller "famous," released in February 2016; along with his latest offering, "The Request: along with other psychedelic short tales," released in May 2017. He hopes his stories will send a chill down your back, keep you up at night (at least a bit) and make you ponder.

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Sam West

Sam West is a horror author residing in the united kingdom. Her material is pretty hardcore, therefore be warned. She believes that terror ought to be hot and sick and she is more than pleased to offend some people.

She hopes you will find other like minded souls out there that enjoy a fantastic dose of depravity and perversion. Because that's what rocks her world. Also her husband and young daughter, and that that do to put up with her mind.

Up until lately, Sam West appeared to be a bloke for the purposes of writing. To find out more, please feel free to get in touch with her to facebook. She can also be contacted at

The fact is out, but her husband's face remains... For now.

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