The Best Hot Water Bottle Teddy - January 2021

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SteadMax Natural Durable Compress Turquoise product image


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2017 marks 140 decades of The Quaker Oats Company.   Our success and leadership follows a dedication to a degree of excellence we call "The Quaker Standard".   It has made us to put money into world class, industry-leading science, technology, and talent.   The effect--an unsurpassed capability to change the oat to products that allow individuals to benefit from their own goodness.    

Our approaches provide us control over the cooking period and feel of each of our products to ensure they will all have that distinct, toasted, nutty Quaker taste. Each cut of oat is ready differently because of its very own exceptional taste and texture.

Old Fashioned: 100% wrapped Quaker Oats cook in 5 minutes and have a firm feel which can be used in recipes.

Quick: Made for both stovetop & microwave, and Quaker Quick Oats cook in only two minutes or less for a smooth texture.

Instant: Cut finer for a soft feel and to cook faster, each Quaker Instant package is prepared in just 2 minutes or less.

Steel Cut: Cut, not wrapped, Quaker Steel Cut Oats provide a complete, ample, and simmer feel with a rich, buttery flavor.

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