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Advanta Supplements

Unlike other regular supplement firms with large collection of average-performance products, our collection is much smaller than many. This is because careful thought, planning and decision-making enters the collection of each product. We pride our brand on; reliability, quality, significance, honest practices, customer care and strong functionality. We supply 100% performance guarantee on every product we sell and are confident enough to stand with our promises. These are diligently screened and only the best make it to our stock.

In Advanta, we aren't only about exceptional merchandise; we're also focused on exceptional service delivery. We're enthusiastic about our clients and we guarantee that the solutions we supply to them are second-to-none. Our team is composed of friendly, caring, empathic, knowledgeable customer care experts with grounded knowledge of every product available on our store. As a company, we go over and beyond to satisfy our clients -- no matter needs or budget.

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Eu Natural

Eu- [pronounced 'you'] a combining form meaning "great," "well," occurring chiefly in words of Greek origin; in scientific coinages, it frequently gets the feeling "true, real".

Not understanding the way your supplements and vitamins are made and whether they actually function could be bothersome at best--harmful at worst. That is why we've made it our mission here in Eu Natural not only to give fantastic products, but also to be certain that our customers know what's in each jar and how nutritional supplements are created.

Eu Natural creates strong combinations of herbs, vitamins, and minerals, each designed for a particular purpose. Our superior health supplements are made in the USA and match or exceed the rigorous manufacturing standards set by the FDA. They're made without any additional fillers, binders or crap. We utilize only the purest and most potent all-natural ingredients.

Quality and trust--that's exactly what Eu Natural stands for. Our #1 goal is to help our customers to lead happier, healthier, more lives. That objective is a portion of every step of the production process and has become the basis for all of our formulations. In actuality, we believe that goal to be the top component that goes into each bottle.

So thank you for trusting us with your wellbeing and we can't wait to assist you live a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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Paige Mathisen

“Sharing everything I’Id heard and everything I love in novels would be my happiness! ”

I was always a curious child constantly researching as a lot of my little world as possible. Everything was intriguing to me!

As I researched, I jotted down notes to what I was studying and I asked questions that I was determined to find answers for.

My fascination habit remained with me since I grew and in college I started turning my notes into mini-books. Well, in fact, they jumped and were much more like manuscripts coiled at my local office supply store.

I ran little seminars on topics I was interested in and sold my own manuscripts to anybody that was interested in purchasing them. Astonishingly, I sold quite a few!

Years afterwards with the growth of self-publishing, I started turning my book writing, fascination habit, into an actual business enterprise.

Today, my small world is becoming larger as I’m married and have two beautiful kids . . .and a golden retriever! I’m blessed to be able to write every day on a vast array of topics which I’m about!

I set my heart and soul to every publication I write and my main hope is I will be able to help you understand whatever it's that you're seeking answers for.

My view is that good novels don& ##x2019;t even must be expensive, nor do they really have to be particularly long.

That’therefore why I write shorter novels which are rather inexpensive. I do my very best to give you the best “bang for the dollar” from over-delivering and providing you the necessary information you need on a specific topic.

Thanks in advance for letting me share my passion and experience with you!

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Deanna Roy

Deanna Roy is the USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance and women's fiction.

She's a fervent advocate for girls who have lost infants. She has many books for example her bestseller FOREVER INNOCENT, a romance about a couple whose infant has been taken off life support.

She has conducted the website PregnancyLoss.Info for fifteen years, including many big spin-off service classes both online and in person.

To learn about new releases, then subscribe to her subscriber set at She has giveaways in combination with pregnancy loss events.

The Lovers Dance Series:

(Prequel: DREAMCATCHER'S DANCE - 2016)

The Forever Series:


Other Novels:

BABY DUST: A Book about Miscarriage (2011)
STELLA & DANE: A Honky Tonk Romance (2012)
THE SPERM MEETS EGG PLAN: A one sided publication for pregnancy after loss (2012)


IN the Business OF ANGELS: A Memorial Novel (a write-in record book for babies lost to miscarriage or stillbirth)

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Ashley Daniels

Ashley Daniels (1980 - ) is a simple girl who enjoys the simple things in existence but is always trying to better herself through any means possible. And if that can be achieved by helping others, why not?

She is an excellent wife to her husband and a loving mom for her small princess named Sabina. Apart from her passion of writing to help others, she enjoys chatting with her friends, travelling round the world while she moans, and making weird noises.

She encountered many difficulties with her pregnancy, and also in order to conquer all of them she did plenty of research, read books, talked to doctors and basically learnt almost everything that has been available to her.

Now she chose to share her wisdom with other women that are going through the exact problems as she has, trusting that she is able to help as many people as possible.

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Sally Moran

I have a passion for assisting their fertility improves. I struggled with infertility, with wed "late in life" in the age 34 and waiting several years before attempting to conceive.

If my husband and I did begin trying, it did not happen. Then read and I begin to study .

During the course of the following 2 years I had two miscarriages and heard what I could about ways to get pregnant more quickly and avoid miscarriages.

Finally, at age 39, the month right after my second miscarriage, I conceived my firstborn son (who is now 7).

Then, almost a couple of years later I guessed my second son at age 41.

Both of them were conceived naturally.

My desire is to help women understand their cycles and obtain their timing right in order to get pregnant more quickly.

That's exactly what my site and these books are all about. You can connect with me at

Please don't be afraid to contact me with any queries, questions, or victories you would like to discuss!

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