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“Master your thoughts – Pursue greatness in all things mind, mind, and differently. ”

The very best investment we could make is to put our time and effort into building up your mind. Here is the #1 tool we will use to address problems, achieve our goals, and overcome barriers. The brain is powerful, but its abilities are usually underestimated and misunderstood. As soon as we develop a deeper understanding of the brain and mind, we'll have the ability to make more progress in our personal growth, life objectives, and career ambitions.

I. C. Robledo is an internationally bestselling author who obtained his B.A. from Purdue University in psychology, along with his M.S. in the University of Oklahoma at industrial-organizational psychology. His novels are intended to help readers build their intellectual, creative, and mindful abilities. Robledo writes according to both personal experience and study. His key goals include building a peak performing head for himself and helping his readers to do the same. Academic books He's contributed to comprise Creativity Research Journal, Journal of Organizational Behavior, also “The Handbook of Organizational Creativity”.

When not operating, I. C. Robledo appreciates reading from many topics, traveling the planet, and playing chess and other types of strategy.


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“Domine su mente – Persiga la grandeza en todo lo que se propone, mentalmente y de otras maneras”.

La mejor inversión que podemos hacer es poner nuestro tiempo y esfuerzo en desarrollar la mente. Ésta es la herramienta #1 que utilizaremos para resolver problemas, alcanzar nuestras metas, y superar obstáculos. La mente es poderosa, pero con frecuencia sus habilidades son subestimadas o malinterpretadas. Cuando logramos una comprensión más profunda de la mente y del cerebro,

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Harvey Segler

I am delighted to see that you found my writer page!

My name Is Harvey Segler and I'm super interested in psychology. I used that interest to write these novels and I hope you will find them fascinating and helpful. Besides being an author I am also a joy enthusiast, internet marketer and former elite athlete.

A lot of our problems in life is linked to our mind. Obesity, depression, anxiety and much more is a result of a poor mindset. Our behaviour is a result of our thoughts and thoughts and that is why I locate psychology so interesting.

If you have any type of problem or whether you are interested in our minds as well I really think you should read my books.

Again, I'm happy to see you here, that's appropriate you! I would not want anyone else here.

After studying my books, I'd be super happy when you left the inspection.

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Luis Angel Echeverria

Luis Angel Echeverria was struggling in school because of his ability to Concentrate and Remember.

He had a 1.0 GPA his Freshman year and finished his Senior year at high school with a slight growth to a 1.75 GPA. He then went on to learn how to improve his memory and increased his grades in school!

Watch what other things Luis Angel has achieved by improving his memory and the memory of tens of thousands of other people who struggle with keeping information.

Decision 1st Memory Guru Champion on FOX's SUPERHUMAN
* Creator and Main Memory Coach at AE Mind | Accelerated Empowered Mind

Decision Competed in the United States Memory Championship, Australian Performance Championship, Taiwan
Memory Championship, Spain Memory Championship, and more
Taiwan Memorized a 120 digit amount in 5 minutes with Perfect Recall
* Memorized a Deck of Cards in 2 minutes. With Perfect Recall
* had been the Youngest American to Compete at the World Memory Championship

* Coached that the AE Mind Memory Team into a 1st Place Medal in the Numbers event at the USA Memory Championship
* Started AE Mind Memory Clubs in Los Angeles High Schools and in Universities such as UC Irvine and UC Santa Barbara.

* Speaker for Schools, Organizations, and Organizations to help students and professionals possess a "Better Memory Currently"

* Writer and Creator of the AE Mind: Better Performance Today Series

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Calistoga Press

Calistoga Press is a reliable publisher of self help titles. The specialists at Calistoga are all devoted to providing readers the real-life and support strategies that the requirement to overcome emotional and personal challenges, from divorce, to despair and loss, to a diagnosis of Alzheimer & #x 2019; s disorder. Commended for design and info that is functional, Calistoga books make it possible for readers to locate solace, comfort and direction, even in the hardest of times.

The Calistoga catalogue includes the Wall Street Journal Best Seller, Memory Tips & Tricks, and the #1 Amazon Best Companion, Understand Alzheimer’s: A First-Time Caregiver's Plan to Understand & Prepare to Alzheimer's & Dementia. Calistoga Press is located in Berkeley, California.

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Ron White

Ron White is a two time USA Memory Champion.

He's appeared on the National Geographic series 'Brain Games' and Stan Lee's Superhumans on the History Channel.

You may have seen Ron about the Martha Stewart Show memorizing each single page of her magazine or on Good Morning America or even CBS This Morning displaying his awesome memory.

Since 1991 he's traveled the world teaching memory seminars to groups as high as 10,000. His claim to fame isn't holding the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards from the USA (that he did for 2 years) or memorizing names or numbers. His claim to fame is that he can teach anyone to have a computer memory.

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Sonja Lyubomirsky

Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., is professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside.

She received her B.A., summa cum laude, from Harvard University and her Ph.D. in social psychology from Stanford University. Her research – about the chance of permanently increasing happiness — has been honored with an Science of Generosity award, a John Templeton Foundation grant, a Templeton Positive Psychology Prize, along with also a million-dollar grant from NIMH. Lyubomirsky’s 2008 book, The How of Happiness (Penguin Press) was translated into 19 languages, and her forthcoming book, The temptations of Happiness, will probably be released on January 3, 2013. Her work was written up in hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles, and she has appeared in several TV shows, radio shows, also feature documentaries in North America, South America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Lyubomirsky lives in Santa Monica, California, along with her Loved Ones.

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