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Top How To Shave Brands

Sarah McHarry

Sarah McHarry is a winner whose previous day job has been programming computers. With the advent of the world wide web, Sarah happily switched to becoming a freelance webmaster and writer.

These days she writes 'How To' books and, with her skills, she also designs websites for voluntary associations in her regional community.

She's also a Sudoku addict: she really loves solving puzzles and is currently participated in publishing a series of Sudoku puzzle pocket books.

When she is not fiddling around with writing, Sarah's interests include photography, playing bridge and keeping bees.

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Josephine Simon

Josephine has a passion for all things organic and yells having a wholesome way of life. She is a certified life coach and also has a degree in naturopathy. Josephine has been employed as a personal trainer, helping her customers design their life around healthy and natural principles. She shares her enthusiasm with her viewers with the show Natural Treatments for Health, Beauty, and Home and many others concerning your wellbeing.

Josephine lives in Canada with her spouse and their son.

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Jesse Kropelnicki

Jesse is a elite/pro level softball trainer who founded the QT2 Systems brand of endurance prep businesses. He is the softball trainer for many professional athletes including TJ Tollakson, Linsey Corbin, Angela Naeth and Pedro Gomes, amongst others. His interests are in coaching professional triathletes utilizing quantitative nutrition and training protocols. He's a USAT Level III Certified athlete.

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Leon Cutajar

My name is Leon Cutajar, I grew up in Australia and currently live in Malta, Europe.
I have three major pursuits I love automobiles, engineering and shaving.

With regards to shaving, I founded 2 websites is website where men go to find means to they can save money on shaving goods that a still delight in a fantastic shaving experience and also where I share my understanding and passion for shaving with a straight razor.

I have a passion for individual development and am always looking for the best approach to do something. I enjoy studying, learning new things, writing about things I am passionate about and passing my own knowledge.

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Karen Gravelle

Karen Gravelle is the author of Walker and Company's The Period Book and is the author of several other books about difficult problems facing today's teens. She resides in New York City.

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