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James Price


James Price is a self published and conformed writer and has been working online in some cases as the year of the net. He decided that by writing books he find and could endure a higher readership in the regions he is enthusiastic about, self help. Self help books based on James have enabled and inspire someone become and to live his fantasy. James has a and task value beliefs that he can market books to individuals that are unable to motivate themselves and fearful of falling into failures and criticisms.
James noted that in the event you wish to find the very best in life, self motivation is vital. You have to understand how to motivate and yourself. You must be able to keep your spirit high no matter the problem is. That is the only way to have the energy you will need to conquer difficulties.

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Beau Norton

Hello, my name is Beau and my fire is personal improvement. I'm devoted to teaching others how to become the best version of themselves so they can achieve greater degrees of success and enjoyment. I love reading, writing, eating healthy food, playing sports, travel, and most of all helping others.

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Frank Mullani

Frank Mullani is a writer who ardently believes in making your own opportunities throughout the power of persistence and positive thinking. He's undergone countless ups and downs facing a lot of hardship but always predominant and beating life via the magic of his durability, a powerful motivation and thinking. After dropping it all, Frank is currently back to his toes and discovering success by ardently embracing among his assets, his optimistic thinking thoughts.

His aim is to transmit his encouraging manner of thinking to as many folks as possible through his novels. He strongly believes that each person deserves achievement and that we people are capable of accomplishing everything we want in life by applying the magic of optimistic thinking, a powerful motivation and persistence, and that is the major message that he wishes to send his readers.

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