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Off The Eaten Path Hummus Chips Rosemary Olive Oil 1 25oz Pack of 16 product image


Daily Fresh Healthy Original Count product image


GoGo Dipperz Traditional Hummus Snack Cups 24ct 1 75oz cups product image


Seapoint Farms Roasted Edamame Ounce product image


Barnana Organic Plantain Chips Himalayan Pink Salt 5 Ounce Bag Paleo Vegan Grain Free Chips product image


Wonderful Pistachios No Shell Nuts Variety Pack Pack of 9 product image


The Good Bean Chickpeas Snacks Grab Go Classic Hummus 1 4 Ounce 10 Count product image


SkinnyPop Popcorn White Cheddar Ounce product image


Stacys Simply Naked Chips Ounce product image


Oloves Natural Pitted Olives Variety product image

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On a hot summer day in 1981, architect Joao Suplicy chose a sizable busted skylight from a construction project from the hills of Curitiba, Brasil. Suplicy woke the next morning and discovered that all of the grass underneath the skylight had expired. This easy, casual experiment sparked an idea that started as a personal hobby and continued on as a family heritage.

By this simple revelation, Joao assembled a natural dehydrator and tested it with fresh, peeled bananas. After only five days he'd raw, organic, dehydrated bananas that appeared candy and lasted for months. To their joy, Joao shared with the natural bananas along with his loved ones members and friends, but perhaps the biggest fan of all was his eldest son, Caue.

Back in 2001, Caue jumped to Southern California to start his career as a professional triathlete. The Suplicy family tradition of creating organic chewy bananas completed on, as Caue shared the banana superfood along with his friends and fellow athletes across the country. Following ten years of competing at an elite level, Caue retired by his professional racing career. In 2010, he decided to share the Super Potassium Snack ® together with the entire world and embark on a trip which will shortly become Barnana.

We began our journey in Serra Do Mar Brasil to find the greatest organic bananas. Our Journey continued throughout South America until we found farmers that shared our belief of sustainable, organic whole foods. Equipped with all the family secret, we put out to change how in which the world bites, 1 banana at one time. From humble beginnings in Southern Brasil into the headquarters at La Jolla, California. As the journey continues, Join us as we write our next chapter.

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