The Best Humorous Mysteries - October 2022

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The Deadly Mystery of the Missing Diamonds A Dizzy Heights Mystery Book 1 product image


Eat Pray Die Humorous Mystery product image


Fortune Funhouse Miss Fortune Mysteries Book 19 product image


Skeletons Scarborough House absolutely Chapelwick product image


Hopeless Murder Hope Walker Mystery ebook product image


Twisted Twenty Six Stephanie Plum product image


Of Mutts and Men A Chet Bernie Mystery 10 product image


Glad One Crazy Is a Relative Term A Val Fremden Humorous Mystery Book 1 product image


Purrfect Cruise The Mysteries of Max Book 35 product image


Squeeze Me A novel product image

Top Humorous Mysteries Brands

Pamela Burford

Pamela Burford comes out of a family that is funny. You might take that any way you desire. She was raised in a family that valued laughter over all, so of course was a sense of comedy. Is it no wonder that that their kids are in stand-up comedy and improv? Oh, and here's another enjoyable household reality: Pamela's identical twin sister, Patricia Ryan, aka P.B. Ryan, is also a published novelist. Patricia is the Good Twin, and Pamela knows exactly what that makes her. But hey, Evil Twins have fun!

It should come as no surprise that what Pamela writes is infused with her unique brand of comedy, from her feel-good modern romance and romantic suspense books to her popular Jane Delaney mystery series, including snarky “Death Diva” Jane, her puppy sidekick Sexy Beast, and a fun love-triangle subplot. Murray, Pamela's own poodle, needs you to understand that any similarities between himself and high-strung Sexy Beast are purely coincidental.

Pamela is the proud founder and former president of Long Island Romance Writers, Inc., a chapter of Romance Writers of America. That which excites her most is hearing from readers, although her books sold millions of copies and have won awards. Swing by and say hi at And as you are there, don't forget to subscribe to your own newsletter. Not only are you going to learn more about freebies, new releases, and other interesting stuff, but you'll get a free ebook!

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Chelsea Field

Chelsea Field has lived an exciting life to get an introvert.

She’s fallen off a galloping racehorse, faced down dozens of Australia’s most dangerous animals (such as barbarous roosters, for those of you who’ve read EAT, PRAY, DIE), also if she’s never marketed buns or java for a living like her protagonist, she’s eaten plenty of both.

Yes, most all of those things are about animals or food. I told you she’s a introvert.

After composing a romantic comedy (no, you can’t even see it) where the hero had been a photographer from Burnside after which marrying and meeting a photographer from Burnside a couple of decades after, she’s a bit stressed her writing has weird prophetic fate-like powers. She makes sure nothing overly bad ever happens to her characters, just if life decides to imitate fiction again.

It's possible to get to know her better at As the middle child of five, she’so used to being dismissed, though, so don’t sweat it.

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Kitty French

USA Today bestselling author Kitty French writes Hot, escapist reads hot enough to burn your fingers...

The Knight Trilogy is a best seller around the globe, and is presently available as individual publications or as a complete trilogy box-set.

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Kitty can also be the most adorable alter-ego of an intimate comedy writer Kat French.
As Kat, her introduction romantic comedy Undertaking Love can be obtained today.

She writes full time, and Lives in England along with her husband and 2 little boys.

You are able to get in contact with Kitty through her website -, or you'll be able to find her on @kittysbooks on twitter.

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