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Bill Case

Bill Case PT has lectured internationally on a authority on injury prevention, and practice, injury and injuries and nationally. He coauthored SPORTS PHYSICAL THERAPY and invented the patterning drill device. Bill is also the creator and also co-sponsor of Houston's Annual Senior Falls Prevention Day and has scripted and created Keep Fit and Transferring (DVD) for seniors to help prevent falls.

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Domingo Colon

Concerning Master Domingo Colon

Master Domingo Colon started his study of Tai Chi in 1965. He analyzed under three major governments of the artwork, Masters Wm. C.C. Chen, C. K. Chu and B. P. Chan.

From 1975 he had developed the necessary skills to become appointed Chief Instructor from Master C. K. Chu.

In 1978 he founded on the Tai Chi School of Westchester, where he now conducts exercise classes in the Short and Long Forms of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Taoist Healing Techniques, Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Stress reduction, Philosophy, Chi Development and Energy Channeling for Health, Taoist Sex Techniques and Self Defense, Sparring and Weapons Techniques.

Since 1971, Master Colon has educated numerous exceptional classes for all Tri-State companies, civic groups, schools, continuing education programs, hospitals and other health facilities. He is a contributor to technical publications dealing with Chinese therapeutic procedures and the martial arts and has appeared several times on radio shows and cable television. He has designed applications for seniors and individuals with specific needs.

Master Colon is the writer of "Seniors Tai Chi Workout", a detailed yet simple to follow application designed to permit seniors to easily practice Tai chi on their own in the home.

Master Simulator additionally analyzed physical treatment, working primarily in sport medicine, and in 1992 was certified as a Adaptive Fitness Instructor trained to instruct aerobic, flexibility and strength exercises into the physically challenged.

This distinctive and broad background in Tai Chi and physical therapy enables Master Colon to instruct an extremely effective and safe synthesis of Eastern and Western healing methods.

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