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Kate Deering

"Stop blaming aging for your slowing metabolism"

Since Kate Deering's beginning from the health, nutrition and fitness industry more than 20 years back, her thoughts and practices have developed dramatically. She believes quite otherwise once a believer that one must workout more and consume less to get healthy. In reality, for all to achieve health, they will need to do quite the opposite.
As we age, we're led to think there is a natural aging effect. With age, we wrinkle more, we gain more fat we lose muscle, our posture deteriorates our bones become weak our energy diminishes our metabolism slows us down, we all feel colder, our skin gets dry our muscles hurt our sleep becomes restless our digestion is irregular, as well as our sexual drive goes in your bathroom. Augh. Doesn’ seem fun that is aging?
Kate believes, together with numerous other researchers, that aging relies more on how we live our own life vs. the years we are on this world. Meaning, we could slow down and even reverse a lot of the aging process if we know how to exercise properly, eat supportively, reduce anxiety, live with purpose, love, and appreciate the lifestyle we
have been given.
Actual health is based by having an understanding of what things increase metabolic purpose and what things decrease it. There is A metabolism related to childhood. A higher metabolism is linked to a lack of disease. A top metabolism is related to good sleep, and a healthy sex drive, healthy skin and hair, a lean body, and general happiness.
Aging doesn't need to be a miserable process. It could be a journey of getting to know your own body better, understanding your physiology and body so which it is possible to keep your body fit and healthy for the next adventure.
Permit Kate to take you to a journey to greater health. Learn more about Kate Deering at

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