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Top Independence Day Book Brands

Julia Stueber

Born 1973, married and mother, was born at Bonn, Germany, where she studied language and German literature in addition to Computational Linguistics.
Since 2009 she's been blogging about different nutritional supplements. She is a nutritional coach in addition to a mental adviser. For the previous 2 years she's been seen coloring book or creating mandalas she goes. That is precisely why she is including coloring and drawing mandalas within her life coaching.

It's possible to discover more about her coaching supplies here:

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Bex Aaron

Bex Aaron is too old to worry about convention. She's likely to offer you some details about herself, and about her books, along with the hopes it will force you to smile. . .even if only for a moment.

Bex Aaron's legal name is Rebecca, and you may also call her that in the event you wish. Never call her Becky. She loathes Becky.

She lives in Texas, also functions as a legal assistant. It's a swell job. She is pretty content.

She's divorced, and she's quite happy about that too.

She's the colour purple, the true color and the book and film of the identical name.

She would like to Purchase the world a Coke.

She initially wrote the Independence Day series when she was 14 years old, back in 1997. She thought of ways she can improve on the work and the incarnation made its introduction about July 4, 2009 since webfiction.

She required a year to write the first two books and 3 years to write the third party. Plenty of people got angry with her about that, and she really does apologize.

Independence Day is a story about a little city, full of hard working, god fearing individuals. . .and one of them happens to be a murderer. It is expected to conduct a set of five novels, May 15, 2015, and Dirty Little Secret, reserve , is forthcoming.

In case you enjoy the narrative, you are encouraged to join us on Facebook at

That is pretty much it.

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Tracey West

I am the best selling author of over 200 books for kids and young adults. I now write the Dragon Masters string to your Scholastic Branches lineup, and I write for its Cupcake Diaries show as Coco Simon. Some fans may know me as the writer of novels based on cartoons, for example Pokémon. I live in New York's Hudson Valley with my husband, stepkids, and an assortment of little animals.

Visit my site to register for my newsletter and also to follow my blog.

Find me on Facebook. I really like to chat with my subscribers.

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J.D. Walker

J.D. Walker likes to maintain her tales sweet and short, together with the occasional book or novella. A multi-published author, she's also a musician, artist, language enthusiast (German and Spanish), and fan of all things knit and crochet.

For more information, please see her site at

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