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Darin J. Eich Ph.D.

Darin J. Eich, Ph.D. is founder of, and author of Root Down & Branch Out: Best Practices for Leadership Development Programs. He's a professional speaker, invention facilitator, product & service founder, and application designer assisting organizations such as also the United Nations, Procter & Gamble, the University of Wisconsin, USA TODAY, and also Dartmouth College.

Darin lives in Madison, Wisconsin and is passionate about helping individuals become more creative, more innovative, and successful leaders. Learn more at

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Greg Satell

I wasn’t a writer. I spent almost all of my adult lifetime building and handling media businesses in Eastern Europe. In all, I spent 15 years working and living in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Turkey. I began composing my blog, Digital Tonto, at 2009 to write in my experiences.

My years overseas were a nonstop experience. I'd land in a new country and might have to learn the language, culture and also the way to build a small business. Every place was distinct. I discovered that to truly understand a location, you needed to immerse yourself. A late night in a local pub could teach more than a hundred guidebooks to you.

I take that identical approach to my writing today. I've found that each and every field of endeavor, no matter how technical or esoteric, embeds itself in the people who pursue its own puzzles. I find that the best service is to allow their stories to tell themselves.

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