The Best Insect Repellent Packets - November 2022

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Sawyer Products SP56114 20 Picaridin Insect Repellent 0 34 Ounce 14 Individual Lotion Packets product image


Woods Insect Repellent Wipes 12 Towelettes product image


Insect Repellent Towelettes 50 Pack product image


Fresh Mosquito Repellent Individually Wrapped product image


Fresh Mosquito Repellent Individually Wrapped product image


Lemon Grass Seeds Cymbopogon flexuosus product image


Eco Defense Pest Control Pouches product image


REPEL Sportsmen Mosquito Repellent Wipes product image


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Natrapel Insect Repellent Wipes 12 ct Pack of 3 product image


Avon Soft Picaridin Repellent Towelettes product image

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Tender Corporation headquarters is located in the heart of the White Mountains at Littleton, New Hampshire. The organization was established in 1973, included in 1977 and manufactures the world-famous insect sting treatment, AfterBite®, also a full line of well-known insect repellents like Ben's® along with Natrapel®, first-aid such as Adventure Medical Kits® and Easy Care First Aid™ kits, survival products with Survive Outdoors Longer® and also burn treatment products like AfterBurn®. Many of today's products are packed in innovative methods make them be easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Here at Tender, we pride ourselves on producing products of the highest grade, providing the greatest sales and support to our clients in addition to generating value for our employees and our area. We view our employees as our greatest strength and attempt to build a strong combined team in order to accomplish our goals as well as achieve our vision; to appreciate the outdoors in every condition. We put a strong focus on work ethic, quality assurance and efficacy that we feel are essential in making a prosperous business and work atmosphere.

Adaptability and change are two concepts that Tender Corporation also strongly embraces. We believe that being flexible and nimble is important to our enterprise and our working atmosphere. We're composed of many unique cultures, backgrounds and styles that when combined have shown that our success. To this conclusion, Tender Corporation will also attempt to accommodate and enhance as the need arises so as to continue our expansion and achievement for the sake of our clients, our employees and our neighborhood.

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People are obviously enticing to mosquitoes -- that our own body warmth, the lactic acid we emit when we perspire as well as the carbon dioxide we exhale attracts mosquitoes. Insect repellents are chemicals designed to discourage mosquitoes from turning on, climbing biting or on skin.  

Private mosquito repellents come in many forms, including lotions, aerosol sprays, and wipes, also contain active ingredients such as DEET and Picaridin. They may be applied directly to skin or to clothing. See instructions for use.

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Outdoor enthusiasts know that when the going gets tough, so if their bug repellent. Nevertheless extreme the activity or terrain, there's a Repel insect repellent designed to provide long-lasting and dependable policy. Repel products make effective mosquito protection easy under virtually any circumstance - so that it's possible to heed the call of the wild where the trail takes you.

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