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Shara Bueler Repka

Shara is an accomplished singer/songwriter/recording artist/freelance writer/award-winning author and a part of the Religious Country duo, Pony Express Ministry. Her husband Bruce and their two horses, Rocky and Nocona (aka The Boys), live fulltime "on the road." Traversing the countryside in their fourteen-foot, short-wall, three-stall, living quarters horse trailer they both travel along with minister wherever God sends them. Shara loves writing about their adventures and the awesome lessons learned because they journey the road.

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Ricardo Palomares

Ricardo is a speaker, coach, writer, explorer, and filmmaker. He immigrated to the USA in Mexico City after graduating from photography college with all the singular focus of constructing a profession that would let me learn more about the world. Later he made a Film degree in the University of Texas at Austin, then he went on to make documentary work in Mexico and China, and make the renowned pilgrimage Camino de Santiago in Spain. His latest project, Pedal South, involved directing a group on a yearlong expedition cycling from Alaska to Argentina. The purpose was to produce a documentary which would give a perspective of the people and landscape of the Americas today.

His goal is to spread knowledge, compassion, and wisdom gained through beating inconceivable obstacles so people can unlock their potential, achieve what seems impossible, and find contentment.

Currently he helps individuals and organizations describe their function, reach their goals, and appreciate every step of the way.

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Avis Goodhart

Avis Goodhart, creator of Go Ye Ministries, is a missionary, Bible teacher and conference speaker that has lucky audiences across North, South and Central America. Though she retains a B.S.Ed plus a M.Ed from the University of Arkansas, her main qualifications include the pain and obstacles she has encountered on the way. These offer both insight and passion for her role in attracting innumerable orphans, volunteers and others from the dust. Avis is a priest, has five kids and grandchildren that are twenty-two.

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Lux Alani

Known for the gritty, poetic, and darkly funny voice, Lux Alani is an internationally published author, former international version, along with longtime boxing enthusiast. She's an advocate of power, shenanigans, also hopeless triumphs. Her adventurous work calls the reader to rise. See her

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