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School Smarts

If you're reading this right now hey there consider yourself to become a part of the less than 10 percent of traffic that will scroll down to the page's end.   You are likely and a one a perfect candidate for our origin.     At School Smarts, we feel that life is learning.   Before we leave, we create our first entry into the world, we're constantly learning.   Whether it's learning how to tie our shoes or how not to lose of a bicycle :-RRB- or how to get over our first heartbreak, the learning never stops it is the one constant in our lifetimes.  

As the 1 continuous, we believe that it is to be embraced and celebrated our lessons will not only improve and change and as in all experiences bad or good, we're learning our own lives but also the lives of other people too.   Our mission is simple, to keep creating products which push individuals from the tiniest toddler to our citizens' most senior to keep learning something brand new.   So pick up!   Thanks again for stopping by.

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ID Offokansi

ID Offokansi is Your Best-selling author of Can Do - A Collection of Inspirational Quotes for Teens and Young Adults (2011) and Can Perform Journal (2011).

She also holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Herriot Watt University Scotland. ID lives with her husband and 3 kids and enjoys performing volunteer work with organisations.

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